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Data Centre Validation

by John Herbert | Director

Creating a modern data centre environment is a a complex task, Kelcroft helps organisation check and validate the design drawings and specification from your designers.

What is data centre validation - when data centre owners, operators, and managers need expert assistance they turn to Kelcroft for knowledgeable and experienced data centre infrastructure planning expertise to keep your facility operation 24/7.

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This service comprises the independent design verification and validation of date centre designs provided by other firms.  We provide a peace of mind  review, or technical audit, and covering the design, drawings and specification to ensure the design proposal will meet the rigorous demands for data centre environment, including continuous maintenance, operability, and reliability.

Hot Spots

data centre hot spots CFD solutions

To find out more about Kelcroft's CFD modelling or how we can help solve cooling / air conditioning problems such as hotspots, contact the datacentre experts.

Further Information

If you need any further information regarding Kelcroft's datacentre consultancy solutions, including data centre, planning, design, peer review, annual auditing, due diligence and thermal analysis contact the experts, call John Herbert at our Hong Kong office, the telephone number is (852) 2335 9830, the fax number is (852) 2335 9862, or simply email us.