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Datacentre Auditing

by John A. Herbert | Director

Keeping your data centre operational 24/7 is a top priority, but how can data centre managers demonstrate that all reasonable measures have been taken, compliance with best practice says the Uptime Institute audit, which recommends an annual data centre audit.

When the cost of downtime is often measured in millions of dollars per hour can you afford to take the risk?

datacentre audit

Is your critical technology housed in a datacentre facility that actually impairs performance? Overloaded Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) infrastructure causes unplanned outages, management, etc. cause interrupted service and downtime that may erode an organization's credibility, lose sales, or lost customers.

Kelcroft your trusted advisor for fault tolerant datacentre auditing 

Kelcroft's datacentre audit is a comprehensive assessment the status of the E&M infrastructure, often applied successfully to integrate new equipment into your facility.

data centre audit

Kelcroft offers you peace of mind, providing a first class infrastructure audit of the M&E services supporting your datacentre.

Data Centre Hotspots

Heat load, and its management is a common datacentre difficultly, as hardware is upgraded, heat density increases comprising effective power supply, and air conditioning cooling strategies.

If your data centre needs to accommodate more sophisticated hardware, hot zones, or hotspots develop an indication of future problems.

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Call kelcroft today and ask our experts for hotspot solutions audit.

Condition Survey

What is the current condition of the services supporting your data centre?

PHOTO ABOVE: dilapidated Datacentre air conditioning system

Data Centre Auditing

Kelcroft's data centre audit provides three levels of datacentre audit, to suit your needs.

Bronze Audit

One day on-site reviewing the following:

  1. Site location
  2. Mechanical and electrical layout
  3. Data centre layout
  4. Resilient services
  5. Provide detailed report of findings
  6. Identify quick wins to improve the environment
  7. Summarise longer term improvements

Silver Audit

The next step up from the bronze audit, this audit consists of one to two days on-site analysing your datacentre in more detail:

  • Site location
  • Datacentre layout
  • Resilient services (Data, power and water)
  • Building design and structure
  • Mechanical and electrical Systems, including:
  • Age of system
  • Functionality
  • Maintenance regime
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Capacity
  • Remaining serviceable life
  • Power supplies
  • UPS, generator/s and transformers
  • Wiring
  • Risks
  • Hidden costs
  • Datacentre management
  • Datacentre security
  • Datacentre operational strategy
  • Provide detailed report of findings
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarize improvements for the facility

Gold Audit

The most sophisticated audit, comprises three to ten days on-site, and covers everything in the Silver Audit plus:

  • Document every E&M asset in the datacentre, recording location, make, model, asset number, system name (if shown)
  • Detailed records of plant, including analysis of data history
  • Review of operational practices
  • Provide detailed report of findings
  • Provide asset information
  • Summarise ways to improve and enhance the facility

Further Information

For further information regarding datacentre audit, or planning and designing your mission critical facilities contact the experts, call Mr. John Herbert at our Hong Kong office +(852) 2335 9830, or email us.