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Data Centre Thermal Analysis - Computational Fluid Dynamics

by John Herbert | Director

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a valuable tool helping engineers assess complex technical challenges.

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Above: Data Centre temperature prediction

The technique, used during design stage to study and optimise design solutions. And also used to troubleshoot Building services problems.

CFD enables simulations to model the behaviour of pollutants, predict air velocity, temperature, humidity and environmental comfort within a space, providing a visual 3D graphical view of resultant solutions.

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Kelcroft's helps organisations optimise their datacentre operations, for business continuity, solutions include:


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If you need any further information regarding Kelcroft's datacentre consultancy solutions, including data centre, planning, design, peer review, annual auditing, due diligence and thermal analysis contact the experts, call John Herbert at our Hong Kong office, the telephone number is (852) 2335 9830, the fax number is (852) 2335 9862, or simply email us.

Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD enables modelling the behaviour of pollutants, air velocity, temperature, humidity and environmental comfort within a buildings.