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Server Planning

by John Herbert | Director

Need help planning your datacenter migration to blade servers? Kelcroft helps business providing expert experienced datacenter infrastructure design, planning, migration and certification keeping your facility operational 24/7.


Datacenter Condition Survey

How much power and cooling is currently available, how much equipment can I add, what is my spare capacity - these are all common questions managers ask. Kelcroft can answer those questions and more. Our unique datacentre condition survey is the first step to establish your current loads. It comprises the visual site inspection of your facility’s E&M infrastructure establishing the condition of the major plant and equipment, its capacities, and identifying spare capacity.  Investigative findings are documented and delivered in a detailed report.

If any risks or deficiencies are uncovered identified, a qualitative and quantitative explanation is provided for each, including prioritized recommendations for fixing, based on industry standards, and engineering best practice for more information click here to learn more about Kelcroft's datacenter condition survey.

Further Information

For further information regarding datacenter services, including design, auditing, and planning the migration of your Mission Critical facilities contact the experts, call Mr. John Herbert at our Hong Kong office or email us today.

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