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Data Centre / Data Center Consulting Services and Solutions in Asia

Over the years our experience working in the data centre environment has provided a solid grounding for the issues facing data centre managers and operators. 

Our director Mr John Herbert who is a member of the Uptime Institute. headquartered in USA advised companies on their energy and engineering strategy.

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Data Centre Annual Auditing

All too often the datacentre facility fails to perform before the infrastructure audit is commissioned, that like driving your car year in - year out, and expressing surprise after it breaks down, often at an very inconvenient time. For cars there is a mandatory annual inspection, yet the datacentre infrastructure often escapes attention until it is too late, downtime hits operations hard.

There are several opinions for the cost of downtime, US$ 1 million hour for a financial institute, perhaps more depending on which way the market is moving. Whatever the exact figure downtime is not cheap.

A datacentre project is not like other projects, they continuously evolve over time with the equipment regularly refreshed, and a few years after opening bears will resemblance to the original.

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New technology including blade servers and the like conspire to defeat the existing infrastructure pressing increasing loads in an environment that was perhaps designed many years before.

So how can IT managers avoid downtime? an annual health check or audit is essential to manage the risk. After a failure, the first question asked when was the last check-up? 

The Uptime Institute, creators of the Tier I-V data centre classification recommend annual infrastructure audits - Call Kelcroft today to conduct your annual data centre audit.

Data Centre Design

Kelcroft designs energy efficient data centre infrastructure for mission critical facilities. We also assist existing facilities become green, leveraging our wealth of energy efficiency improvement experience. 

Data Centre Peer Review

Costly construction delays can be saved through a review of the data centre design while it is still on the drawing board......read more about Kelcroft's Peer Review process

Data Centre Classification

Have an independent review of your facility to determine the real classification learn more about Kelcroft's vendor neutral classification and certification services

Data Centre Risk Analysis

Kelcroft helps you manage the risk, a fresh pair of expert eyes can point out simple fixes and solutions to avoid datacentre downtime.

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Data Centre Documentation

Data centres are, most possibly the most dynamic built environment, the facility is in a constant sea of change, and document management is often overlooked. That is why management documentation for the facility infrastructure is absolutely critical click here to learn more about avoiding the pitfalls..... 

Data Centre Site Selection

Kelcroft's data centre experts help firms identify suitable deployment sites for data centre projects. Does your potential site have enough power and cooling? learn more about Kelcroft's site selection process

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To learn how Kelcroft's data centre consultancy solutions, including data centre, planning, design, peer review, annual auditing, due diligence and thermal analysis experts can help your business - call John Herbert at our Hong Kong office, the telephone number is +(852) 2335 9830, the fax number is +(852) 2335 9862, or simply email us.


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