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Building Services Engineering

Kelcroft creates energy efficient accommodation for the built environment. Whether designing for occupants, IT equipment, or production processes Kelcroft delivers innovative lower cost solutions - getting it right first time.

New building, A&A, or retrofit, with a strong energy background, Kelcroft solutions are conceived, modelled and tested using the latest technology lowering your operating cost and total building cost.

Kelcroft provides innovative solutions for the built environment

If you are not familiar with the range of systems covered under the kelcroft umbrella, our expertise includes:

Design Expertise skillbase:
  • Mechanical Services Engineering
  • Electrical Services Engineering
  • Fire Services Engineering
  • Plumbing Services Engineering
  • Drainage Services Engineering

Click here for a detailed list of engineering  related E&M services


Further Information

For further information regarding Kelcroft's services, call today, our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830, send us a fax +(852) 2335 9862, or send us an email message