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Technical Due Diligence

By John Herbert | Director

Problems always seem to stop you doing what you need to do, they consume time and seem to swallow resources that should be earning for your the business.
Due Diligence
Kelcroft's helps your business save that wasted time and expense, with local knowledge.

Technical Assessment

Our consulting activities provide specialized technical due diligence for evaluating potential investments, including plant, process and real estate.

Kelcroft - get the right answer without having to ask

This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life.

We have performed due diligence for operating plants both nationally and internationally. When providing due diligence, our engineers typically perform:

  • Equipment inspection
  • Condition survey
  • Evaluation of design data, history, and system records
  • Energy efficacy
  • Fitness for service criteria evaluation
  • Compliance with standards
  • Repairs and refurbishments needed to extend the life of the equipment
  • Comprehensive reports with meaningful technical evaluations

However, technical due diligence can be tailor made to meet your needs. We help organisations evaluating the potential restarting of old plants and facilities, purchasing investments in China, and across Asia. Whether it is new or an existing plant that might need upgrading and modernising old process to increasing the capacity of existing we help providing on-site no nonsense information to helping you make the right decisions.


Our experienced engineering staff also offer innovative solutions to overcome any deficiencies uncovered during the fieldwork. 

Here is a link to an online article written by Director John Herbert on the subject of technical due diligence china.


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