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Electrical Survey

By John Herbert | Director

The challenges facing those who own, operate and occupy buildings have grown significantly over the years. Developments and restructuring have witnessed dramatic changes in the method of service provision and the introduction of competition into many areas such as building management, operation, and maintenance of building services (M&E) systems.

electrical survey, E&M condition survey

Couple that with constantly changing legislation, has created significantly increasing complexity, degree of risk, and duty of care obligations.

To help you tackle these challenges, Kelcroft's professional advisory services helps clients involved in property development, construction and building maintenance. We advise developers, owners, and tenants of both commercial, industrial, healthcare, institutional, and residential sectors, whilst you focus on your core business.

electrcial condition surveying
Non-compliant electrical installation is a serious fire hazard
photograph and copyright by John Herbert

If you need to ensure that all reasonable precautions and measures have been taken, Kelcroft's professional condition surveys, provides you the necessary peace of mind. 

Electrical condition surveys comprise site inspection, regulatory review, and reporting upon the condition of your electrical power infrastructure - delivering a comprehensive report covering the condition, operational status, serviceability, and valuation of your existing building services plant and equipment.

Condition electrical surveys can be tailored and structured to suit your precise needs. Whether it is conducting due diligence before acquisition or checking your existing installation Kelcroft provides the simple solution.

Pre-purchase & pre-leasing survey

Kelcroft helps potential buyers make the right choice. We conduct pre-purchase, and pre-leasing condition surveys that would establish the true condition of a particular site or property before you buy or lease.

Advance awareness of existing defects and deficiencies helps you make smart decisions, and might also aid your purchase negotiations.

If you wish to start a restaurant, food factory, or F&B business most probably the biggest obstacle you will face is the lengthy Hong Kong food premise licensing. But more importantly - will it cost the earth for the premises to comply with code?

Kelcroft's solution - we conduct a condition survey of the premises (which does not cost the earth) before you sign the contract, determining the suitability or otherwise for a licensed business. Recently, Kelcroft conducted a condition survey for a potential restaurant in the SoHo area of Hong Kong. Our survey revealed problems before the deal was signed, our expert advice saved the client wasting time and money converting an unsuitable property.

Further Information

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