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Energy Audit Hong Kong

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

A Kelcroft energy audit finds all ways to cut your energy costs to lower your building operating costs without sacrificing comfort.

energy audit hong kong

We undertake a range of projects from energy audits, assessments and major projects, delivering cost cutting measures.

energy audit hong kong

More than seventy five percent (75%) of buildings are operating incorrectly, have inappropriate maintenance contracts or waste money through inefficient energy usage. And all too often the energy management systems installed to reduce operating costs, don't function as intended, and actually waste energy.

energy audit hong kong

You wouldn't operate your business without the advice of an accountant to oversee your finances. Likewise an annual energy audit ensures that your energy cheque book is balanced too.

Energy costs tend to rise every year, tariff increases are threatened, increasing energy costs impact your bottom line, Kelcroft's cost cutting energy audit helps reduce your energy bills.

Why Should I Get an Energy Audit?

Most of us know about low flow shower heads, CFLs and unplugging our cell phone chargers when not in use, but there is so much more. Real savings need a professional REA Energy auditor.

An energy audit is also an appropriate tool if you are considering an energy efficiency or renewable energy project. The energy audit can help you decide whether or not the project is truly worthwhile.


Kelcroft's approach is a total energy approach, it considers the total picture, not just the low hanging fruit providing an overall energy cost in use perspective.

The goal is management of resources without sacrificing end-user comfort. Our energy audits are conducted in accordance with international standards, and local EMSD guidelines as required.

One thing I have learned over the years is that energy auditing is not a desk job, it needs boots on ground, the site inspection of equipment actually operating is important, and very revealing.

If your energy auditor is not challenging and questioning your team, something is very wrong. We ask thousands of questions about the operation of your building, and you will not be surprized to learn we get different answers to the same question, confusion over operations is a leading cause of energy waste.

Success Stories

Finding and identifying energy waste, energy auditing reveals the underlying losses you can only imagine, don't be left in the dark.

energy audit hong kong

It commences with the collection, and analysis of all information that may impact the building energy consumption. That data is analyzed, the performance of existing systems examined, and existing management techniques reviewed.

Then we compare your facilities energy performance with published standards (benchmarks) for your premises and activities of a similar nature and provide proposals that are financially viable to lower energy costs.

EMSD Registered Energy Assessor, REA

Energy Audit Standards

Guidebooks for energy auditing, including ASHRAE, EMSD energy audit code provide the standard for conducting energy audits.

For Hong Kong BEEO energy audit, the standard is provided by the latest version of of the EMSD Energy Audit Code (EAC).

energy modelling, building energy simulation

The Energy Audit Report

The result of the energy audit is the audit report, Kelcroft's energy audit report includes our findings, and is sub-divided into three energy management sections, namely:

Within these three sectors, we explain energy saving options and opportunities for your review and implementation.

The energy audit is really only the first step, implementing the findings to lower costs is the ultimate goal.


Housekeeping measures are low cost / no cost measures improvements involving relatively simple steps to start achieving energy savings. For example signage, and or training courses to increase energy consumption awareness amongst your staff.

Operation Measures

Operating and Maintenance measures are recommended improvements that necessitate some change within your existing regime or maintenance strategy.

For example lighting modifications, improved the switching arrangement or implementing a new lamp replacement strategy benefiting from the efficacy of the latest technology. Or perhaps re-commissioning to recover lost capacity.

In the majority of cases, the working environment for your customers is improved..

Capital Works

Capital works are major improvements to your premises or systems that will require significant expenditure.

Examining your installation, analyzing your operating and maintenance costs, and evaluating possible options for energy conservation.

energy audit hong kong lighting

Financially viable proposals that will benefit you! are offered for appraisal. There is not one correct answer for each client, each has different needs and goals.

For example switching to water cooled air conditioning, fuel switching, cogeneration or perhaps waste to energy system.

Hong Kong Energy Audit Experience

Kelcroft's long standing expertise can help implementation of energy audit recommendations, particularly our experience providing E&M capital works projects.

emsd energy audit hong kong

We have conducted EMSD audits, ASHRAE audits, CIBSE audits, in fact the requirements are similar.

Our knowledge, gained across three continents, is backed up with nearly thirty years experience building services design and operation, so we can help organisations lower their operating cost so they can leverage that competitive advantage in the market place.

Our experience includes a wide of projects, including commercial buildings, shopping centres, clubs, offices, retail, recreation clubs, hotels, retail, and factories.

Call us today to order your energy audit today!

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