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Lighting Energy Audit

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Fluorescent fittings are the predominate choice for lighting systems in commercial buildings, they are an excellent energy efficient light source for the built environment. The majority operate up to 20,000 hours with high efficiency (high lumens per watt) and provide acceptable colour rendering.

lighting energy audit
Modelling Lighting Design Study

Increasingly LED type lamps are gaining acceptance because the lamp life span is significantly longer, with a significantly lower power consumption, and lower heat output.

a lighting energy audit you will save money on your energy bills

In commercial office buildings, the lighting systems account for more than 15% of the energy consumption and provide significant opportunities for cutting operating costs.

Kelcroft's lighting energy audit expertise identifies valuable energy and cost savings opportunities.

energy audit lighting

Lighting Lux Level

What is the right quantity of light? We use the term LUX to describe lighting level in a space, where the higher the number the higher your energy bill.

energy audit lighting
Checking Desk Lighting Level

For office general lighting level of 300-500 Lux would be satisfactory, for a corridor or other transient areas 200 Lux would be adequate. However, our lighting audits often Hong Kong offices have more than 1,000 Lux at desk level.

Excessive or poor lighting can causes occupants to suffer discomfort, eye strain, or headaches, so having the right level is critical for productivity.

Using our own instruments we physically measure the existing lighting level and record our findings. When excessive illumination is recorded we make recommendations to reduce/upgrade the lighting system to the recommended level saving money and saving energy.

The lighting level in perimeter areas that enjoy natural daylight can avoid the cost of electric lighting during bright sunny days.

energy audit lighting, daylight
Natural Daylight Saves Energy

Lighting Quality

The lighting installaton can impact the performance of daily tasks. So for lighting performance, in additional to the lighting level, we might also consider uniformity, which describes even illumination across the space, and we could also consider the glare index. But lighting quality is strongly influenced by the setting, the reflectance of the walls, ceiling, floors, and even the reflectance from your desk!

energy audit lighting

Different lighting options, and wall finishes can all be examined, modelled and final with computer modelling before any lighting fittings are purchased.

Call Kelcroft to order your lighting audit today!

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