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Resort Energy Audits

John Herbert
John Herbert
Energy Consultant

Energy costs represent a large proportion of the total expenditure for resorts, and hotels, Kelcroft creates the right strategies, helping resort operators to cut costs, saving money and simultaneously reducing your environmental carbon footprint.

resort energy audit

Kelcroft's expertise helps drive down your cost of energy, setting energy performance standards for the audit, design, construction, refurbishment and management of the hotels and resorts in Hong Kong, China and across Asia.

Resort Energy Audit Competencies

Resorts have special systems, and our energy auditing experience includes:

  1. Air Conditioning link
  2. Boilers
  3. Building Management Systems
  4. Chillers
  5. Cogeneration article
  6. Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  7. Compressed Air
  8. Controls
  9. Cooling Towers link
  10. Energy Management link
  11. Fuels
  12. Heating Systems
  13. Heat Recovery Systems link
  14. Heat Pump Systems
  15. Hot Water Systems
  16. Ice Storage article
  17. Lighting Systems
  18. Mechanical Ventilation
  19. Process Ventilation
  20. Kitchen Ventilation
  21. Power Factor Correction
  22. Refrigeration systems
  23. Renewable Energy
  24. Steam and Condensate link
  25. Stoichiometric Analysis
  26. Swimming Pool Systems
  27. Waste Heat Recovery link
  28. Waste To Energy (W2E) article
  29. Water Systems

Although it appears probable that emissions trading or emission sharing between nations is needed, the global pressure to reduce overall emissions will drive business to adopt lower energy solutions.

Better Energy Design

Kelcroft's design solutions are energy prudent and incorporate energy conservation features that positively lowering your total lifetime cost of ownership - without increasing capital expenditure.

For example, you might be surprised how easy it is to apply principles, using waste energy or heat pump technology to provide your hot water needs, dramatically reducing your utility bills. Whilst retrofitting is always an option, it is more cost effective to get it done right first time.

Another valuable energy conservation strategy is the utilizing fresh water for heat rejection (known as cooling towers) you could save up to fifty percent (50%) of your air conditioning electricity costs.

Regional Experience

Organisations have recognised Kelcroft's unique skills and knowledge, we have added value to organisations operating in Qatar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Burma, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and China.

What's next? call today our Hong Kong office today to start saving.

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