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Singapore Energy Audits

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Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Lowering your operating costs without sacrificing occupational comfort is a key competitive advantage helping you lower your costs, and boost profits for your organisation.

Energy Audits are undertaken range from the smallest energy assessments to major projects.

energy audit singapore

Surveys indicate that buildings are operating incorrectly, have inappropriate operating contracts or are waste money through inefficient energy usage. And too often the energy management systems, specified to reduce operating costs, do not function as intended causing energy wastage.

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Energy costs are rising every year, tariff increases threatened, and oil prices are soaring, all effecting your bottom line - Kelcroft helps reduce your energy bills, lowering costs, and that helps improving competitiveness in the marketplace.

Energy Audit

Kelcroft's energy audits begin with the collection and analysis of all information that effect your buildings energy consumption. Analyzing the performance of your existing systems and installation, existing management techniques and utility bills.

We compare your facilities energy performance with published standards for your premises and activities of a similar nature and provide proposals.

Kelcroft has the right expereince covering a range of systems, including:

  1. Air Conditioning link
  2. Boilers
  3. Building Management Systems
  4. Chillers
  5. Cogeneration article
  6. Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  7. Compressed Air
  8. Controls
  9. Cooling Towers link
  10. Energy Management link
  11. Fuels
  12. Heating Systems
  13. Heat Recovery Systems link
  14. Heat Pump Systems
  15. Hot Water Systems
  16. Ice Storage article
  17. Lighting Systems
  18. Mechanical Ventilation
  19. Process Ventilation
  20. Kitchen Ventilation
  21. Power Factor Correction
  22. Refrigeration systems
  23. Renewable Energy
  24. Steam and Condensate link
  25. Stoichiometric Analysis
  26. Swimming Pool Systems
  27. Waste Heat Recovery link
  28. Waste To Energy (W2E) article
  29. Water Systems

energy audit

Energy engineering solutions for business to reduce operational expenses without jeopardizing customer comfort across Asia. Auditing building energy consumption is a key competitive factor in modern times.

In 2017 the Singapore Energy Authority website reported that the electricity tariff was SGD 20.7 cents/kwh, depending on the exact exchange rate that approximates to HKD 1.173 cents/kwh.

Energy Audit Reporting

An energy audit report summarizing our findings is sub-divided into three energy management sections, namely:

Within these three sectors, we explain energy saving options and opportunities for your managers to implement.


Housekeeping measures are improvements involving virtually no cost, and involve relatively simple steps to start achieving energy savings. For example training courses to increase energy consumption awareness amongst your staff, or as part of a staff induction programme.

Operation measures

These improvements necessitate some change within your existing regime or maintenance strategy.

For example lighting modifications, improved the switching arrangement or implementing a new lamp replacement strategy to benefit from the efficacy of the latest technology.

In the majority of cases, the working environment for your customers and employees is improved.

energy audit singapore

Capital works

Capital works are major improvements to your premises that will require significant expenditure.

Examining your installation, analyzing your operating and maintenance costs, and evaluating possible options for energy conservation. Viable proposals that will benefit you financially are offered for appraisal.

The energy analysis would comprise a practical and economic evaluation of energy saving options. This evaluation would include an investigation of all the various elements that contribute to your owning and operating costs.

Typically these would comprise:

  • Initial expenditure - capital required to purchase the plant or equipment
  • Cost in use - the calculated running costs for the installation based on the data retrieved during the survey
  • Investment analysis - payback and net present value calculations, which are tools to establish if a proposal would recoup your investment during a specific period).

Payback hurdles vary by company and sector. For example, a commercial or industrial customer might seek 5 year payback, whilst an energy service company or utility may accept a 10 year payback horizon.

An economic analysis examines alternatives, gauging the overall viability of a particular energy-saving strategy.

In summary Kelcroft energy audits are good for your organisation, helping you gain a competitive edge in the market, and boost profits.

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