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Steam Condensate Systems Energy Audit

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Kelcroft designs, supervises and manages a wide range of E&M engineering systems for the built environment including a particular speciality Steam and Condensate systems primarily used in the hospital, healthcare, manufacturing process, catering and industrial sectors.

John Herbert said "I remember having just handed over a new hospital autoclave system in UK to NHS, one of my first assignments in Hong Kong was troubleshooting a brand new hospital steam system causing problems."

steam energy audit

Kelcroft E&M solutions provides solutions and expertise that others can't provide, we design, energy smart steam and condensate systems, including piping, heat exchangers and boiler plant systems.

steam energy audit

Our steam work uncovered significant energy and cost savings, the management were unaware of the reasons for increasing energy costs, and our steam systems investigations provided the answers and cut costs.

steam energy audit

Our wide range of experience includes steam and condensate energy audits, including steam for catering, hot water, cook-chill, steam generators, steam-to-water heat exchangers, steam control, steam traps, unstable systems, autoclaves, sterilizers, laundry, dryers, heating, laboratories, and industrial process steam applications.

steam system schematicSteam System Schematic - click for larger image

Kelcroft expertise means cutting your energy costs, lowering your operating expense, and increasing your profit.

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