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Energy Conservation Hong Kong

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Energy conservation is vital in Hong Kong, as a service economy 90% of electricity generated is used in buildings which equates to more than 60% of GreenHouse Gas emissions.

An energy conservation policy drives lower energy consumption, cutting energy bill costs, and also lowering carbon emissions.

With international experience, we help organsations save energy based on real practical opportunities, that also lower your carbon footprint.

We have conducted energy investigations for different sectors, including shopping centres, commercial buildings, sports centres, wet markets, hotels, museums, and identified very significant cost savings.

John Herbert wrote an article in 2006 recomending that cooling tower fans be fitted with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) to lower the running cost for water based air conditioning systems, more than a decade later, in May 2019 the latest Building Energy Code (2018 version) came into effect, and the new code includes cooling towers for the first time, and requires VSD for cooling tower fans (because they can save a lot of energy).

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Energy costs are rising every year, bills are increasing, these impact your bottom line, Kelcroft's expertise helps cut your energy bills.

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Energy Conservation step by step

The first step starts with an investigation of the building, an energy audit, collecting data that may affect your buildings energy consumption, your energy bills, etc. for later analysis.

We examine and identify energy/cost savings, and compare the energy performance against published standards.

The next step is the implementation plan, we help implement the findings, including any improvement works, erify the works are upto standard, and ensure that the energy work is properly commissioned!

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For further ionformation regarding energy conservation and cutting your costs call us today!


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