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Marketing Energy

by John Herbert | Director

marketing is an essential business activity and organisations often look to differentiate themselves over look green and energy credentials. 

A smart energy policy not only makes financial sense, benefiting your bottom-line, it can be used to inform your customers telling them about your energy achievements is an opportunity. And Kelcroft can help ensure that your business strategy is recognised.


EMSD HK Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings

Kelcroft's team of energy experts help you get your energy conservation efforts recognised. We assist developers and building owners to participate in the EMSD energy efficiency registration scheme [1] which helps identify your building as an energy leader.

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After approval the owner may use the EMSD Energy Efficiency Logo on the registered building as publicity, promoting good governance.

Kelcroft energy leadership - we don't wait for tomorrows potential technology - we create viable solutions today

These registration promotions include lighting, air conditioning, electrical distribution and lift & escalators systems.


Once limited to multi-national corporations, a sound CSR helps grow your business. Given a choice your customers prefer to do business with green organisations. However, organisations need a strategy to continous development.......learn more about green solutions for business

Energy Conservation Management

Our expert energy management solutions team create the right strategies, save you money and delivering improved environments, and simultaneously help reduce your environmental footprint.

Click here to download Kelcroft energy audit brochure (pdf format one page)


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1. EMSD HK Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings

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