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BEC Energy Modelling

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

The Hong Kong Building Energy Code abbreviated to BEC, specifies the requirements for BEC building energy modelling, and its also used by BEAM PLUS Energy Use, signed by REA, to predict the annual energy consumption in the target building.

Using approved energy modelling software, the building envelope and HVAC equipment are assembled viturally, in the computer, before the first brick has been laid. And verious scenerio can be reviewed based on the Hong Kong weather data.

The energy efficiency requirements for the HVACR equipment shall comply with the latest BEC version, and or, if known the actual equipment. .

The building envelope including the material used for the walls, glazing, and roof, etc. would be be modelled, and different scenarios can demonstrate energy improvements to assess the annual and lifetime energy cost.

The energy modelling software output is collated to prepare charts to demonstrate visually the monthly and annual consumption for the target building and any other scenarios considered. And the whole packaged into a energy report, to be signed by Registered Energy Assessor.

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Whole Life Time Cost Of Building

The construction cost is say 2-5% of the lifetime cost, it means its important to study and optimise the whole life of the building before breaking ground.

Decisions are all made at the design stage, at least the important ones are, but these can be amended while the building is still on drawing board, before any concrete is poured or orders placed. Glazed units and windows, having a low U value (high performance) as low as 1.5 - 1.6 W/sqm/k are easily available (2017) without breaking the bank.

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