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Building Energy Simulation and Modelling

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Energy efficiency is good for business. It can reduce costs, improve your bottom line, boost productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to your reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

As a professional energy consultant, Kelcroft provides bespoke advisory services helping your business reduce its energy costs, and save money. We develop appropriate and timely energy management strategies that will positively impact your bottom-line, without sacrificing end-user/customer comfort.

building energy simulation modelling

Test Before Build

Energy simulation modelling allows different ideas and combinations to be tested in the computer before the first brick has been laid. Considering double glazing? free cooling? heat pumps? the annual energy impact can simulated and the results analysed, providing more accurate investment guidance at concept stage.

The same idea applies to retrofits, input the test parameters, lets say improving the building chiller COP, run the energy simulation with the new data, and compare the results, then make your investment decisions, based on hard data.

building energy simulation modelling

Whole Life Time Cost Of Building

The construction cost is say 2-5% of the lifetime cost, it means its important to study and optimise the whole life of the building before breaking ground.

Decisions are all made at the design stage, at least the important ones are, but these can be amended while the building is still on drawing board, before any concrete is poured or orders placed. Glazed units and windows, having a low U value (high performance) as low as 1.5 - 1.6 W/sqmk are easily available (2017) without breaking the bank.

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