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Hong Kong Form of Compliance EMSD EE-4

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

John Herbert Registered Energy Assessor

Kelcroft provides Registered Energy Assessor (REA) to help your business including:

  1. BEEO COCR Stage 1 and 2 link
  2. EMSD Mandatory energy audit link
  3. HKE Smart Power Fund link
  4. CLP Eco Building Fund link
  5. BEAM PLUS EU P1 link
  6. EMSD Form EE-4 link

Registered Energy Assessor signing EMSD Form EE-4

Or perhaps you need to obtain BD consent for your GFA concession project (APP151 refers) Kelcroft's Registered Energy Assessor will prepare and sign APP151 energy REA declaration.

To submit EMSD Form EE-4 call us on +852 2335 9830 today!

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