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Cost Saving Energy Consultant Hong Kong

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Cutting Energy Costs

We help you cut costs by reducing energy consumption, that's good for business because it means more money in your pocket and its good for environment too.

Nothing Succeeds like the Right Experience

We lower your operating costs, not based on guesswork, or lamp counting, based on engineering science with more than thirty years of solid building experience. Kelcroft brings those decades of experience bear, lowering your costs.

A company employed a firm to conduct an energy audit for a factory, afterwards the auditor reported the company would need to hire another consultant to audit the steam systems! At Kelcroft we have steam design and engineering experience neccessary to audit industrial systems including steam and condensate systems. (http://www.kelcroft.com.hk/energy-audit-steam )

hong kong cost cutting energy consultant

Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Kelcroft provides EMSD Registered Energy Assessor (REA) service proving energy audit, COCR stage 1 and stage 2, and Certificate of Compliance for Hong Kong projects.

Call Kelcroft today to order Registered Energy Assessor (REA) service.

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Energy Audit Success Stories

We are often asked if an energy audit actually save money? A Kelcroft energy audit is the first step. Certainly, if the recommendations are implemented energy costs are cut. Businesses, perhaps your competitors, have already cut costs.

To learn about our energy audit success stories cut energy costs.

Air Conditioning Systems Are Critical

Air conditioning, necessary in the hot and humid tropics consumes the highest proportion of energy in our buildings, therefore expertise is vitial for building energy efficiency investigaton and improvement.

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Where do you stand?

Kelcroft has the key air conditioning expertise to lower your energy cost, and also environmental impact for air conditioning systems.......click here

Carbon Management

In a world stressed with limited resources we need to look beyond energy and consider the Carbon emissions as a whole. Measuring and managing the whole carbon picture is an increasing concern for local and international corporations.

hong kong carbon audit consultant

Industry and Factory Energy Audits Drives Cleaner Production

Using our industrial expertise and experience we help industry, manufacturing, and factories lower the cost of doing business in PRD, and China region...click here to learn more

Tariff Analysis

Kelcroft helps find the best cost effective tariff for your operational needs. We analyze your energy profile to identify options to lower your energy cost ...click here to learn more

Electric Motors

More than 60% of the global electricity capacity is used by electric motors, it's the largest single sector of power consumption, offering the greatest opportunity to lower energy consumption and carbon emmissions....

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Energy Audit

Helping you lower your operating expenses by identifying the opportunities in your property portfolio to reduce wasted energy consumption learn more about Kelcroft's building energy audits.

Energy Conservation Techniques

We have hundreds of energy conservation techniques within our tool kit to save money and reduce your energy charges.

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Hotel Energy Audits

Hotel and resorts are different, unlike commercial buildings, operations are based on variable occupancy ....click here to learn more

holiday hotel energy consulting solutions

Lighting Audits

Electric lighting is essential for modern living, however excessive artifical lighting wastes money and energy, click here to learn more about Kelcroft's lighting auditing.


Our years of expereince examining commercial, hotel, industrial and manafacturing sectors means we can help your business enjoy energy savings.

  • Macau buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Hotels

  • Market Energy Achievements

    Business and individuals are activity looking to buy from your company if you demonstrate youre environmentally awareness, energy and environmental awards helps build your brand.

    Kelcroft's Energy Services

    1. Demand Side Management DSM
    2. Energy audit
    3. Cost cutting consultant
    4. Energy management
    5. Pollution prevention
    6. Lighting Energy Audit Efficiency
    7. Electricity tariff analysis
    8. Building Energy Audits
    9. Factory Energy Audits
    10. Carbon Audit
    11. Business Solutions
    12. Cogeneration
    13. Green building Consultant
    14. BEAM Consultant for sustainable building

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