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Tariff Analysis Electricity

Utility companies (for Hong Kong refer note1) charge customers according to cost plan known as a tariff.

Choosing the right electricity tariff can lower your operating cost, depending on your energy usage the correct tariff has a lower unit ($/KWH) charge, therefore lowering the cost of electricity used in your business or operation.

If you have several electricity meters in the same facility, summation metering could be an option.

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Summation Metering

Where permitted by your utility summation metering is one tariff analysis tool. Essentially a number of individual electrical meters within a facility are combined to provide one total reading for the entire facility. It can be useful to take advantage of a particular tariff.

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Note 1: China Light and Power (CLP) provides electrical power for Kowloon, and New Territory regions. Whilst Hong Kong Electric (HKE) provides electricity for Hong Kong Island

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