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Tariff Analysis

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John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Electricity companies (for Hong Kong refer note 1) charge customers according to cost plan known as a tariff, your bill details the cost for units (kwh) consumed and the cost.

It's your responsibility

It's your responsibility, if a cheaper tariff is available the utlities companies will NOT inform you, they keep collecting your money.

Having the right electricity tariff can lower your operating cost, depending on your energy usage the correct electricity tariff has the lower charge, therefore lowering the cost of electricity for the same consumption.

Special Tariffs

Your utility may offer special types of power tariffs, for example a low cost tariff for electricity consumed over night, initiating air-conditioning systems to make and store ice or chilled water during the night, for use during the day (ice storage).

The key metric, the difference between the day and night tariff changes.

Electricity tariff analysis is one of our strategies to lower your energy costs

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