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Facility Management (FM)

Facility Management (FM) is the strategic analysis of a vital your building assets, specifically, the services systems and installations that are installed within your building and their performance, evaluated for the operation and maintenance costs.

Kelcroft is the best possible solution for your biggest asset - your people

We investigate and analyse the system design, the installation and its implications for you as the building owner or operator. We are seeking people driven improvements that positively impacts your bottom-line.

We prepare, implement and monitor your operating and maintenance processes to minimise your operating costs, reduce your energy consumption and ensure your investment is not diluted.

What is Facility Management?

The life-time cost of your property asset can be more than ten times more than your initial investment, therefore, akin to other investments, if your systems are not regular checked and maintained, your ROI is effected.

Would you continuously drive your car in first gear? probably not, and driving your building in first gear is not recommend either.

Facility management (FM) has gained wider recognition from smart owners and operators, and in a sense the scope of FM has widen considerably.


Operating costs escalating and maintenance worries consider performance contracting solutions.

Read about facility Management and our people driven approach (PDF 1 page)


Further Information

For further information contact our director Mr. John Herbert at our Hong Kong office telephone +(852) 2335 9830 or fax +(852) 2335 9862

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