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Fire Risk Assessment for Construction Sites

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Construction Site Fire Risk Assessment

During construction the risk of fire is often overlooked, the result loss of life, property damage, and delayed construction contracts cost millions every year.

Fire occurs unannounced, for example the 1996 Garley building fire, Megabox cooling towers fire in Hong Kong, and Galaxy hotel in Macau are examples that suffered major fires during construction or renovation work.

The Garley building fire in 1996 occurred during the renovation work in an occupied building, forty people died, the regulations were only changed afterwards to maintain fire rated partition.

Insurance companies spend years during the construction period left in the dark about their risk, independant fire assessments helps insurers understand the real risk during the construction period.

fire risk assessment during construction
Fire Risk Assessment fire and smoke will rapidly spread thoughout the building

fire risk assessment
Missing fire stop in fire escape staircase wall

fire risk assessment
Newspaper soaked in oil leaking from Chiller bearing, only needs an ignition source

fire risk assessment during construction

fire risk assessment for construction sites

construction site fire
credit: SCMP 2015
Construction Fire Galaxy Hotel Macau{ read SCMP link}

Countless deficiencies discovered include:

  1. fire doors wedged open
  2. fire protection systems abused
  3. inoperable escape lighting
  4. faulty fire fighting equipment
  5. faulty fire fighting equipment power supply
  6. hose reel hidden
  7. inadequate lightning protection
  8. petrol and rubbish stored together

We help organisations during construction, call the experts today and have an independent review.

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