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Fire Prevention and Protection Survey Hong Kong

John A. Herbert
by John A. Herbert

Is your property portfolio is really safe? Of course, you have the required certificates, but what really happens on a day-to-day basis?
Your safety depends on the building fire equipment operating when needed, but has it been checked?

condition survey, fire prevention, fire protection, blocked fire exits, abuse life safety equipment
Fire door propped open with fire sand bucket, fire and smoke can spread though the building

Fire is a serious risk for every high rise building, Kelcroft helps mitigate the risk, giving peace of mind that all reasonable measures have been undertaken.

fire prevention, fire protection, blocked fire exits, abused life safety equipment
Penetration in staircase wall, smoke could spread though the building

fire prevention and protection survey Hong Kong
Newspaper soaked in oil leaking from Chiller bearing, only needs a spark

Surveys have revealed countless deficiencies, including:

  • fire doors wedged open
  • fire protection systems abused
  • inoperable escape lighting
  • faulty fire fighting equipment
  • faulty power supply serving fire fighting equipment control panel
  • hose reel hidden behind tolleys
  • fire services equipment certificate expired
  • fire alarm panel bypassed
  • fire detectors sealed inside plastic bags

  • fire prevention and protection survey Hong Kong

    Kai Ming Building, Wanchai Fire 2016

    The media reported a major fire at the Kai Ming Building, a residential building located in Wanchai, Hong Kong on 19 April 2016, it was reported that the buildings firefighting equipment was "unstable" SCMP reports.

    One month later, the HKFSD report explained that the fire fighting equipment was switched off at the time of the blaze.

    It is a timely reminder that your life is really in the hands of the building owner.

    fire prevention and protection survey Hong Kong

    We help organisations arrange safer buildings, call the experts today and have an independent review of your fire safety systems.

    fire survey hong kong

    Construction Site Fire Risk

    During construction the risk of fire is often overlooked, the result loss of life, property damage, and delayed construction contracts cost millions every year. Fire occurs unannounced, for example 1996 Garley building fire, Megabox cooling towers fire in Hong Kong, and Galaxy hotel Macau are examples that suffered major fires during construction.

    The Garley building fire in 1996 occurred during the renovation works in an occupied building, forty people died, the regulations were only changed afterwards to maintain fire rated partitions.

    fire on construction site
    Photo credit: SCMP 2015
    Construction Fire Galaxy Hotel Macau{link}

    Does your construction site comply with best practice? An independent site survey helps mitigate the risk.

    About Kelcroft

    Kelcroft is engineering firm headquartered in Hong Kong providing professional engineering for the built environment in Hong Kong, China and across Asia. Our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830 call us today!

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