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BEAM PLUS Consultant

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

We help businesses achieve BEAM certification using BEAM and BEAMPLUS rating tools.

BEAM and BEAMPlus Consultant

Kelcroft provides expert advisory services for building owners, developers, and building operators seeking Hong Kong BEAM and BEAM PLUS certification.

Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert has been involved with the development of BEAM for more than a decade, and was one of the first BEAM Professionals in Hong Kong.

BEAM BEAMPLUS consultant for BEAM certification
  1. BEAM Pro NB (new building)
  2. BEAM Pro EB V1.2 (existing building)
  3. BEAM Pro EB V2.0 (existing building)
  4. BEAM Pro BI (interiors)
  5. BEAM Pro ND (neighbourhood)

Herbert said "The role of the BEAM Professional will be to drive green building, creating innovative and energy wise built environment solutions that lower the environmental impact of our building stock in Hong Kong and the region."

Having a BEAM Professional on your team is not compulsory for NB and EB projects, but it helps BEAM green building certification because projects can earn one credit under the Hong Kong BEAM Plus green building rating tool.

beam plus BEAM consultant

Our director, Mr John A. Herbert provides expert consultancy and advisory services for sustainable green building, and project targeting certification under BEAMPLUS


Sustainability is the only solution for the future of brands Herbert said, businesses will need to embrace the future maze of green labels. The public are swapped with "green" claims almost daily, and only independant labels offer some hope.

Green Building Planning

Whether you require BEAM certification or simply want to build an environmentally friendly building, the most important step, and mistakes, are made at the initial planning stage.

Too often the necessary expertise, including engineers are engaged too late in the process after plans are drawn, and approvals obtained.

Looking forward, the entire construction industry needs to change the way firms are engaged and compensated. If architects are compensated based solely on the drawings produced, of course, the rest of the design team will be left behind. Once the drawings are signed off, and key decisions made that is NOT the right time to involve the E&M engineers, its already too late Herbert said.

"....the entire design team, contractors, and specialists needs to be engaged and involved in the development process from day one."

The entire design team, contractors, and specialists need to be engaged and involved in the project development process from day one because it's more cost effective. The impact of design rework increases as the process rubbles on. Modifications that could yield positive environmental impacts are too often ignored because the building plans are already approved, and the costs, and effort to go back and change approved plans could be considerable.

More Design Not Less

Hong Kong BEAM and rating tools in general, values our finite material resources encouraging more design with less material. In turn that means compensating the design team, contractors and specialists in new and different ways.

BEAMPLUS Certification

A BEAMPLUS consultant should help, and advise the design team, and client side, regarding BEAMPLUS certification and the process.

BEAM certification process for New Buildings (NB) is conducted into two stages, called the Provisional Assessment (PA) and then the Final Assessment (FA).

A Provisional Assessment (PA) submission is the first round, it is primarily the commitments made during design stage for the future performance of the building systems, some credits require simulation to justify the intended building performance.

At Final Assessment (FA) stage is time when the performance data must be submitted to demonstrate the performance of the building. For example, IAQ measurements, etc.

BEAMPlus Interiors (BI)

BI is the green rating tool for offices, it is slightly different, after the project is 100% complete there is only one final assessment (FA).

Can BEAMPlus Interiors (BI) be used for residenial?

Yes, but the Interiors framework is unlike BEAMPLUS NB because it does not have exclusions, that means all credits must be attempted, no NA, and since the tool is crafted towards shops and offices, obtaining a high score for residenial properies is very difficult.

For BEAMPLUS consultant call our John A. Herbert in our Hong Kong office today!

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