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BEAMPLUS Interiors (BI) green building consultant expert for Greening offices

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Almost all of Hong Kong's electrical power generation, around 90%, serves our buildings, is it really that surprising? Given that Hong Kong is a major service economy with little manufacturing. And that energy use accounts for over 60% of the total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

It does not account for the embodied carbon, used creating our buildings, its just the operating energy usage.

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Finding the right question is important than just seeking answers. Like it or not sustainability and energy are two sides of same coin.

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BEAM Interiors Framework

BEAM PLUS Interiors is a rating tool for office, and retail fitting out work carried out within our buildings. Every year hundreds of office spaces and shops are renovated impacting our environment.

The BEAM PLUS Interiors framework is designed to be simpler, and faster to assess than the process for BEAM PLUS NB or EB.

After the project is complete the applicant submits for assessment (signe stage assessment) , BEAM will arrange site inspection and review the BI submission.

After assessment BEAM provides a response to the Appliant with a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze award.

John Herbert
John Herbert BEAM PLUS BI Steering committee chairman

BEAM PLUS Interiors (BI) categories

BEAM PLUS Interiors rating tool is organised into categories including the following:

  1. Green Building Attributes
  2. Management
  3. Materials Aspects (MA)
  4. Energy Use (EU)
  5. Water Use (WU)
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  7. Innovations


No matter how hard we try to ignore it, nobody can escape the damage caused to our environment. Everyday a new story of disaster unfolds, and sustainability means tackling those challenges head on today!


We spend endless hours in buildings, more so than ever before, as a result occupants demand healthier interior spaces.

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John Herbert is an interationally experienced and qualified BEAM Professional since 2010, he has taught BEAM and green building topics to peers, industry professionals, and university students for more than a decade. He is also an EMSD registered energy assessor (REA), therefore understands buildings, how the building systems operate, energy efficiency, and the methos to cut energy costs.

For BEAMPLUS Interiors (BI) call our expert today!

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