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Green Building Consultant for BEAM PLUS Existing Buildings (EB)

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John Herbert
BEAM Professional

The biggest environmental challenge is not the buildings under construction today, no it's the 50,000 existing buildings already built and operating in Hong Kong.

Almost all of Hong Kong's electrical power generation, around 90%, serves our buildings, is that really that surprising? Given that Hong Kong is a service economy with little manufacturing. And the use of energy in our buildings account for more than 65% of the territories Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

For existing buildings, metrics such as Sustainable Sites are hardly relevant, these building already exists, we cant move they closer to the MTR. So the focus needs to be based on operating existing buildings efficiently, minimising waste, and optimising energy efficiency.

Finding the right question is important than just seeking answers. Like it or not sustainability and energy are two sides of same coin.

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An existing building does not mean there are no options, it means the framework should focus on continuous improvements over the building lifespan, pivoting towards improving and lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which means lower energy consumption, and by implication lower GHG carbon emissions.

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Existing Building BEAM PLUS EB Framework

BEAMplus EB offers two type of framework, called Selective and Comprehensive. The EB selective scheme is simpler, comprising individual targets and certificates. Whereas the new EB Comprehensive is similar to the structure of BEAM PLUS EB v1.2.

BEAM PLUS Existing Building Comprehensive Scheme

The framework will be familiar to BEAM users, it comprises requirements organised in different categories, where accumulating credits/points for the whole project could provide Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.

The EB categories include the following:

  1. Management (MAN)
  2. Site Aspects (SA)
  3. Materials Waste Aspects (MWA)
  4. Energy Use (EU)
  5. Water Use (WU)
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  7. Innovation

Management (MAN)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Green Procurement
  2. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)
  3. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  4. Staff training
  5. Operation and maintenance
  6. IAQ management for renovation
  7. Cleaning and pest control
  8. Building users involvement

Site Aspects (SA)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Site location;
  2. Emissions from the site
  3. Greenery
  4. Site amenities

Materials and Waste Aspects (MWA)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Selection of materials
  2. Waste management and reduction

Energy Use (EU)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Energy performance
  2. Energy management and analysis
  3. Commissioning
  4. Energy efficient improvement
  5. Enhancement

Water Use (WU)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Water conservation
  2. Water management
  3. Effluent Management

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

This category includes credits for:

  1. Occupants satisfaction;
  2. Ventilation
  3. Thermal comfort
  4. Hygiene
  5. Indoor air quality
  6. Lighting quality
  7. Acoustics and noise

Innovations and Additions (IA)

This category includes credits for:

  1. New or Innovative Techniques

Operating Existing Buildings effectively is critical

Greening Existing Buildings

There are more than 50,000 buildings in Hong Kong, therefore existing buildings are a critical part of our infrastructure and huge quantities of embodied carbon tied up in those structures.

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EB Advice

We spend endless hours in buildings, more so than ever before, as a result occupants demand healthier better buildings, therefore get the best advice you can afford.

John Herbert is an internationally experienced and qualified BEAM Professional since 2010, he has taught BEAM and green building topics to architects, engineers, industry professionals, and university students for more than a decade. He is also an EMSD Registered Energy Assessor (REA), therefore understands buildings inside and out, how the building systems operate, practical energy efficiency issues, and the methods to cut energy and cut operating costs.

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To discuss your existing buildings call John Herbert +852 2335 9830 today!

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