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BEAM Consultant for BEAM PLUS New Buildings (NB)

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John Herbert
BEAM Professional

BEAM PLUS New Buildings (NB) is a rating tool for the development of new buildings, and buildings undergoing major renovation, the latter generally defined as works covering 50% of the building (calculated by volume).

BEAM PLUS NB would not be suitable for an interior fitout or renovating one room in a hotel, its designed for larger scale buildings and developments.

BEAM PLUS new buildings (NB) is a contribution to the future, today's new build are tomorrow's existing buildings, therefore influencing decisions early in the design process will impact the operating costs, society and the community for the next 60 years, or more.

Those future impacts can be largely determined at the design stage, while the project is still on the drawing board.

Whether its the construction materials we pick, the energy required to operate buildings, and what happens when we no longer need those buildings, are all factors that can be reviewed before break ground.

Take a common material like gypsum used for plasterboard, the designer can specify plasterboard sourced from virgin gypsum ore or plasterboard with recycled gypsum? Gypsum is effectively reversible, after use it can be processed to be used again to make plasterboard products, one of the most common material used inside buildings.

It's a critical contribution in the transition towards sustainable future.

BEAM Consultant for BEAM PLUS NB

We are faced with increased energy and environmental regulations, a financial crisis, and pressure for change from customers and the general public - building owners have found sustainable building benefits their business.

Don't be mislead by the hype, building green does not mean sacrifice, it means building smarter, it means lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) whilst minimising the impact upon the climate and environment.

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John Herbert is a BEAM PLUS professional, and he has been a senior member of Hong Kong's BEAM Society for more than a decade, involved with developing rating tools for construction and operation of buildings. And he is a member of HKGBC faculty.

today's new buildings are tomorrow's existing building stock

Sustainable Development, and therefore green building relies upon three principles, Social, Economic and Environment, and planned developments need to include each. Very often literature and media, cite balance, neglecting one of the three pillars, this is plainly incorrect, to succeed with social needs, economic, environmental needs cannot out be omitted for short term convenience, that is the essence of sustainable building.

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BEAM PLUS New Buildings (NB) framework

A healthier built environment means a more productive space for living or working, who would object to that? Kelcroft's green building experience covers all the aspects of green building including research, teaching, developing tools, and BEAM PLUS NB.

BEAM PLUS new buildings comprises credit requirements grouped into different categories, including:

  1. Site Aspects (SA)
  2. Energy Use (EU)
  3. Water Use (WU)
  4. Material Aspects (MA)
  5. IEQ

Accumulate credit/points to earn BEAM PLUS Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate.

Its recognised by Government, the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance guide requires declaration of the buildings BEAM rating view PDF here

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BEAM Expertise

Engage a BEAM professional early, before key decisions are made, John Herbert is an experienced and qualified BEAM Professional being involved with development of green building, BEAM training, BEAM examinations, and BEAM rating tools for more than a decade.

John Herbert

He has taught numerous green building training courses for architects, engineers, planners, surveyors, university students, professors, and BEAM professionals.

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