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BEAM PLUS New Building NB Water Aspects WU P1

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Engage Mr John Herbert as your BEAM Professional today, he is senior member of Hong Kong BEAM (Hong Kong's Building Environmental Assessment Method), BEAM TRP chairman, past chairman BEAM expert panel for Water Use, and a member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council faculty.

John Herbert BEAM PLUS green building consultant

Water Aspects

BEAM has championed change in the building industry, primarily Water Aspects high rise buildings, for the better, even WSD has adopted ideas from the BEAM manual.

Engineers designing for BEAM, need to provide water flow rate and water pressure calculations for water fixtures. In high-rise Hong Kong, demonstrated a need for pressure reducing valves and flow regulators long before WSD even considered flow regulators.

BEAM PLUS green building consultant water use

Nowadays, WSD has WELS scheme for flow regulators (also called flow controllers) all brought about by BEAM championing better water efficiency in high-rise buildings.

BEAM championed extensive water quality testing, throughhout the building, including water tanks and end of run fixtures, not just one location, again changing the building industry.

BEAM PLUS Water Apsects encourages developers to consider water as a precious resource, to improve water efficiency and design for water conservation, Water Apsects WU P1 should be endorsed by BEAM professional. us today!

BEAM Training by John Herbert (pdf)

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date: 16-04-21
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