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Greening business is good for business

by John A. Herbert

Greening business is good for business

Increasingly companies and organisations are being called upon to demonstrate their green credentials, whether it is a commitment to the environment by being social and moral responsibilities (CSR), or an energy efficiency programme to lower GHG (Green House Gas) emission. The general public and other businesses want to see your greenness.

It makes sense, its logic and and it makes cents, saving costs.

Greening business is good for business

Addressing the challenge needs to be part of your business strategy - TODAY! this is essential. Yes, it must add value to your business - contributing, not inhibiting, since results are demanded by your shareholders and stakeholders. However, the tide has turned, and consumers of all services and products are looking for greener and environmentally friendly solutions.

The environmental and economic goals are NOT mutually exclusive! with today's tools and technologies lower cost and lower environmental impact are not only feasible, but are cost effective solutions for business provide you have the right advice. Your competitors are saving money today using less energy and creating a lower carbon footprint, furthermore enjoying the benefits of lower energy bills to free capital for other uses.

Here is engineering example, smarter design lowers the CAPex and OPex of the cooling water installation, here is the document, the password is kelcroft

What is Green?

First, lets clear up the myth that going green is commercial suicide, its not, it is the smartest strategy for future and for growth. Many companies start out being skeptical, it is understandable, but after the costs are counted, and the knowledge that their costs are lower spreads across the business.

Businesses are using a wide range of natural resources to produce goods or deliver services that consumers need in our day to day lives. However, finally it is being realized that these resources are not limitless, they are actually finite. And the energy input to those goods and services causes an unwelcome damage to the air breathe, and the water we drink - in short causes environmental pollution.

Progressive companies have already discovered that they can optimize their processes and assets to make the best use of resources, reduce any negative impact on their surroundings and strengthen their business results - at the same time.

We are at the front of the green sustainable curve helping companies get started in the green is business movement. Through our expertise, we have uncovered a multitude of improvement and cost-saving and environmental saving opportunities for business in the areas of:

  • Resource Conservation
  • GHG emission control
  • Waste Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy audits
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Environmentally-negative materials reduction

Why Go Green?

There are many positive reasons to choose the greener business path:

  • lower capital expenses (CAPex)
  • reduced Operating costs (OPex)
  • Bottom line saving is cheaper than cost of new sales
  • Green Credentials = more sales
  • Differentiation = more profit
  • Futureproof

Whilst nobody can see the future, the trend of customers demanding greener products and services is very clear. Vendors need to position their business for future growth, a green strategy is an essential element.

In the United Kingdom, the shopping market Tesco has already carbon labelling of its products to help consumers make informed choices, its already started.

Some companies, even Chinese companies are biting the bullet, a diesel generator manufacturer agrees, the writing is on the wall, and new green opportunities is the way forward.

The Indian Government has surprized many by announcing diesel cars maybe be banned, an overnight change, to reduce pollution. A balck swan event you might say, but the number of black swans is rising rapidily.

Delivering Greener

So you might be wondering how does Kelcroft manage to deliver viable green business solutions? We use our exclusive knowledge and skill set, some examples, Kelcroft's thinking lowers the requirement for air conditioning chillers, in turn that lowers both the initial capital cost (lower CapEX) for the air-conditioning plant, and a means the cost to operate the plant is also less (lower Opex), imagine that - lower first cost, and lower running costs - a very sustainable solution for business.

green business solutions

Another example, better planning can lower the cost of pumping, the initial cost to purchase the equipment is reduced, and to operate the pump over the lifetime of a facility is also lower. With reduced costs, bottom-line profits increase, and your environmental footprint is reduced.

Don't be left behind

For exclusive advice to help you create a sustainable green business call our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830 today.

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