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Built Heritage

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John Herbert

Heritage buildings are a vital and vibrant part of history, and with Kelcroft's skill, experience and commitment, will ensure your heritage refurbishment project meets your requirements.

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The Foreign Correspondents Club, Albert Road, Central Hong Kong [photograph by John A. Herbert]

Heritage projects are challenging, renovating and upgrading facilities to meet the needs of modern society, within a hundred year old structure requires innovation, patience, and attention to detail.

Knowledge and Experience

Having met these challenges, both here and overseas, Kelcroft's unique experience adds distinctive value to your design team with heritage, licensing, and project management skills honed to meet the challenge.

Let's take a closer look at one an example, in Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong - presently occupied by the The Foreign Correspondents Club (pictured above).

This splendid building erected circa. 1903, having a red brick structure, and classified as grade II listed building by the Antiques and Monument Department (AMD).

Amongst many outstanding features, the facade, high ceilings, the tile roof and a fabulous space on the first floor, today converted to a dining room. The dining room sports circular windows, and a timber open truss structure supporting a tiled roof.

Renovating and refurbishing heritage buildings requires creation of a built environment that must meet the criteria of serving the needs of the end user, and compliance with modern code requirements.

The Fire Services Installation (FSI) is a challenge in any building, especially licensed premises and onerous for heritage buildings. The FCC renovation project also incorporated complex phased programme to maintain an operational facility during the execution of the works.

Other challenges included, designing new installation and systems within the existing structural strength tolerance, and maintaining the facade.

Under the auspices of the Antiques and Monument ordinance, the facade of gazetted (listed) buildings cannot be altered, without specific written permission. Incidentally, this is a restriction applied to all heritage properties.

Maintaining the visual environment, including the main dining room area was a key client consideration from the outset, and deemed equally important as achieving code compliance - it was a challenge successfully planned and executed.

Details Matter

Attention to detail is a key part of the Kelcroft philosophy (details matter). The next time you walk past the FCC take a look at the external storm water (rainwater) pipework, and I think you will agree that my specification maintains the overall heritage of the building.

Further information

Having successfully completed heritage refurbishment projects both here in Hong Kong and overseas, Kelcroft helps owners solve built heritage problems. For further information contact Mr John Herbert at our Hong Kong office.

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