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Get Rebates for Energy Efficiency Projects

Registered Energy Assessor Hong Kong
John Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Get Rebates for Energy Efficiency work on Hong Kong Island replacing

We help organsations obtain Hong Kong Electric funding rebates for energy efficency projects, under the HEC smart power fund scheme, funding upto 50% or HKD 500,000 depending the type of building, is available TODAY!

It is easy, Kelcroft provides the technical application paperwork for the HKE smart power fund on behalf of the building owner, after the work is done, and approved, HEC will disburse the rebate directly to owner.

If your building does not have a single owner then Hong Kong Electric can dispense energy efficiency rebates to the building management company, either way, it will lower your building costs.

Luxury residential properties and corporations, such as MTR properties have already applied for funding. Funding is available for energy efficiency improvement of communal building services installations, including upgrading lifts, lighting, controls, air conditioning, replacing water pumps, and the like in commerical, industrial and residential buildings.

Hong Kong Electric provides rebates to fund energy projects on Hong Kong IslandHong Kong Electric provides rebates to subsidise energy improvement work

Financing Building Upgrades

The HEC Smart Power fund provides capital, by reimbursement, for improving energy efficiency of the building communal services, the building owner/management could upgrade the water pumps, lift, lighting, controls, and or air conditioning systems, and Kelcroft provides the QSP technical support, the QSP fee is part of the rebate.

Don't miss this first come first served opportunity, before its too late, contact us at +852 2335 9830 today!

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