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Home Inspection Hong Kong

Home Inspection 家居檢查

Our Home Inspection is a thorough inspection that evaluates the condition of a property BEFORE you buy or before your rent. Kelcroft's independent home inspection gives you peace of mind about the condition of the property.

Independent, our expert advice ensures your home inspection report reveals any problems upfront.

Building Defects

Other buyers have already benefited from our detailed building inspection under covering construction defects, some pictures of past defects:
condition survey, Home inspection Hong Kong, peace of mind before you purchase

home inspector inspection defects findings
Damaged Fan Connection uncovered by Kelcroft Inspector photo by John Herbert

Inspection Scope

What does it cover? our inspector will conduct a detailed visual examination of all the critical elements of your future home, including:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Balcony/Roof
  • Ceiling and soffit
  • Floors and timber floors
  • Interiors and finishes
  • Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings
  • Drainage flpor drain
  • Kitchen units
  • Electrical boards
  • lighting
  • Electrcial socket outlets tested
  • Air Conditioning units
  • Plumbing fittings and appliances

Any defects discovered are noted in our Home Inspection Report.

Inspection Type

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-Leasing inspection
  • Thermography thermal scan inspection


Mr John Herbert has twenty (20) years Hong Kong experience covering:

  • buildings
  • air conditioning systems
  • plumbing
  • drainage
  • electrical systems
  • water damage
  • fire damage
  • lifts
  • walkways
  • pumps
  • energy sector works
  • construction
  • property management
  • factories

hong kong home inspection, pre purchase inspection, pre lease inspections

Hong Kong Village House Inspection

village house inspection Hong Kong
Village House Inspection by John Herbert

Kelcroft's village house inspection gives you peace of mind, choose a Kelcroft inspection before you buy or purchase!

For peace of mind book your home inspection today, call +(852) 2335 9830

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Buyers/Leasing Tips for Hong Kong (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)

It's In The contract

During negotiations the vendor and agent may offer various statements and encouraging commentary. However, those verbal statements are completely meaningless unless its fully detailed and documented in the Sale/Purchase Contract, it never happened.

For example, if a vendor verbally states that the air conditioning units are included, but it is not mentioned in the contract. If the buyer discovers the AC units were removed, the buyer has no legal redress.

How is that possible?

Because there is a standard clause in almost every sale agreement (contract) that excludes all past promises, verbal conversions, and strictly limits the scope to include only what is 'specifically' written into the contract.

Plan for moving out before you move in

It is said that hindsight provides twenty twenty vision, so its important to plan ahead.

Before you move in to a property, record and photograph the condition of the property, and that includes every scratch on the timber floor, dent in the wall. Yes the those minor details matter to some landlords. And keep it safe, perhaps attached with your lease papers. When you move out, if the landlord complains about the condition, and refuses to return your deposit (common tactic) you have the record of the move in condition.

When you move out, prepare a duplicate paper to record the returning the keys, with space for signature from the landlord or landlords representative, the HKID of the receiver, and the date/time. If the landlord is holding a deposit legally they should return it within 7 days.


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