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Manufacturing and Industry Sector

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert
Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

Manufacturing is the life blood of the economy and Kelcroft provides specialist engineering services to support companies investing or operating within industrial, pharmaceutical, microchip wafer plant, automotive and other key sectors where the mechanical and electrical (M&E) services are a key priority.

Kelcroft provides a one stop prime consulting service delivering significant advantages to you by managing the entire design, construction, coordination and procurement processes.

Manufacturing Industrial Sector, pearl river delta, PRD, China

We interface with the client's technical personnel delivers effective projects, improving process efficiencies, reducing overall lifetime costs, investment and minimizing operating costs.

Making a Difference

Kelcroft excels providing comprehensive holistic design approach for the manufacturing industrial Sector reducing both first cost, and your on-going expenses, ensuring that energy efficient design is 'built in', not an afterthought.

One Stop Service

Experience underpins the value-based services we provide as single source Prime Consultant. In this role, we adhere to quality principles that allow us to meet all challenges, regardless of project scope or size. We can help you extend an existing facility, retrofitting or new build.

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Using our expertise in understanding facilities, how they are financed, designed, built and operated, we deliver the detail and quality that effectively returns projects within the scope, time and cost restraints of the development - protecting the client's interests and investment.

The integrated range of services offered is based on the principles of management and strategy - delivering effective outcomes at every stage of an asset's life cycle.

In addition to our experience in industrial project management and E&M, we offer expertise in:

  1. Asbestoslink
  2. Acoustic Treatment
  3. Air Conditioning Systems link
  4. Automatic Controls
  5. Boiler Plant
  6. Building Control Systems
  7. Calorifier Plants
  8. Chimneys and Flues
  9. Coal Fired Boiler Plant Systems
  10. Cogeneration link
  11. Compressed Air Systems
  12. Cooling Tower Systems link
  13. Dangerous Goods Store (DG)
  14. Displacement Ventilation
  15. Drainage Submissions
  16. Electrical Services Systems
  17. Elevators
  18. Exhaust Systems
  19. Fire Services Installations
  20. Fire Suppression Systems
  21. Fire Prevention Systems
  22. Filters and Filtration Systems
  23. Flushing Water Systems
  24. FM200 extinguisher systems
  25. Gas Fired Boiler Plant
  26. Generators link
  27. Heat Recovery link
  28. Heating Systems
  29. Hot Water Systems
  30. Humidification
  31. Ice Storage article
  32. Kitchen Ventilation link
  33. Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment link
  34. Lifts
  35. Lighting Systems
  36. Low Voltage Electrical Installations
  37. Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  38. Medical Gas Systems
  39. Noise and Vibration Control link
  40. Plumbing Installation
  41. Process Ventilation Systems
  42. Public Address (PA) Systems
  43. Radio, Television, CABD, CATV Installation
  44. Renewable Energy
  45. Sea Water Cooling Installations
  46. Sewerage Pumping Stations link
  47. Smoke Control Systems
  48. Smoke Detection Systems
  49. Sound Attenuation link
  50. Sprinkler Systems
  51. Steam and Condensate Systems
  52. Steam link
  53. Steam Condensate Trap Survey link
  54. Steam Flash Steam Recovery link
  55. Structured Cabling Systems
  56. Swimming Pool and Filtration
  57. Telephone Systems
  58. Underfloor Trunking and Systems link
  59. Underfloor Air Conditioning Systems
  60. Ventilation Systems
  61. Vertical Transportation
  62. Waste Heat Recovery System link
  63. Water Quality Management
  64. Water Treatment and Filtration

  65. Air Quality link
  66. Carbon Audit link
  67. Clean Room Systems link
  68. Cooling Tower EMSD Inspection link
  69. Cooling Tower Legionella Risk Annual EMSD Audit link
  70. Commissioning Management link
  71. Commissioning Validation link
  72. Data Centre Design link
  73. Data Center Audits link
  74. M∓E Condition Survey link
  75. Energy Audit link
  76. Energy Management & Analysis link
  77. Energy Modelling
  78. RCx (refer retro-commissioning)
  79. Retro-commissioning link
  80. Project Management link
  81. Troubleshooting E&M systems link
  82. Smart Buildings link
  83. Condition Survey link

Regional Experience

Organisations have recognised Kelcroft's unique skillset, we have added value to businesses in Qatar, Malaysia, Macau, Burma, Singapore, Thailand and China.

Kelcroft provides the highest level of professional advice for assessment, advisory and management services covering the entire building life cycle.

Call Kelcroft today, we'll work with you to lower the cost of doing business in China and across S.E. Asia.