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Manufacturing and Industry Sector

Manufacturing is the life blood of the economy and Kelcroft provides specialist engineering services to support companies investing or operating within industrial, pharmaceutical, microchip wafer plant, automotive and other key sectors where the mechanical and electrical (M&E) services are a key priority.

Kelcroft provides a one stop prime consulting service delivering significant advantages to you by managing the entire design, construction, coordination and procurement processes.

Manufacturing Industrial Sector, pearl river delta, PRD, China

We interface with the client's technical personnel delivers effective projects, improving process efficiencies, reducing overall lifetime costs, investment and minimizing operating costs.

Making a Difference

Kelcroft excels providing comprehensive holistic design approach for the manufacturing industrial Sector reducing both first cost, and your on-going expenses, ensuring that energy efficient design is 'built in', not an afterthought.

One Stop Service

Experience underpins the value-based services we provide as single source Prime Consultant. In this role, we adhere to quality principles that allow us to meet all challenges, regardless of project scope or size. We can help you extend an existing facility, retrofitting or new build.

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Using our expertise in understanding facilities, how they are financed, designed, built and operated, we deliver the detail and quality that effectively returns projects within the scope, time and cost restraints of the development - protecting the client's interests and investment.

The integrated range of services offered is based on the principles of management and strategy - delivering effective outcomes at every stage of an asset's life cycle.

In addition to our experience in industrial project management and E&M, we offer expertise in:

  • air and water management
  • briefing & design
  • carbon audit
  • condition survey
  • fire & life safety
  • process engineering
  • fitting out
  • environmental design
  • due diligence
  • energy engineering
  • sustainability
  • p2e2
  • independent monitoring
  • BEAM
  • life cycle assessment
  • commissioning & closeout
  • energy auditor REA
  • Kelcroft provides the highest level of professional advice for assessment, advisory and management services covering the entire building life cycle.
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