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Electrical Busbar and Busduct Preventitive Inspection Using Infrared Camera

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High-rise Hong Kong needs reliable electrical systems, and routinue inspections are needed to prevent unplanned power failures.

Infrared inspection is one tool for inspecting live electrical circuits to idendify any minor problems, before disaster strikes whilst in service, and should be part of your annual Planned Preventative Maintenance plan.

electrical infrared busduct busbar
Busbar Busduct overheating joint caught on infrared
add to your planned preventative routine

electrical infrared busduct busbar MCB
Overheating MCB caught on infrared
repairs can be made before power outage occurs

How does infrared inspection work?

All objects around us have a temperature, in electrical testing, faults (losse connectons, corrosion, etc) have a higher temperature, but temperature is not visible to the naked eye, infrared camera shows us the temperature in an image.

electrical infrared busduct busbar test

Kelcroft's infrared camera identifies areas where corrosion or loose connections cause additional resistance and therefore localised heating, it's faster and a big improvement over the traditional bolt tightening method.

Kelcroft's infrared imaging is fast, accurate to 0.01 degC, non-destructive test (NDT) method that pin points problems during the inspection.

It's a line of sight test, therefore an obstacles prevent inspection of the busduct route.

electrical infrared test busduct busbar inspection

Imagine a power cut in the mid of the night, trapping people in lifts, and residents in darkness, call Kelcroft to order a rapid infrared inspection today!

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date: 17-09-21
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