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Thermal Infrared Scanning for Testing and Commissioning

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During testing and commissioning our thermal infrared scan of control panels, local motor control panels (LMCP), chiller panels, motor control centres (MCC) quickly identifies any defect, under "live" conditions.

And its fast, within a few seconds the full colour image of the live circuits can be checked for the slightest temperature variation.

It works because the energy in the circuit releases heat, P=I2R means additional resistance in the circuit, increases the power, released in the form of heat, increasing the object temperature.

For fast inspections, control panels and control panel doors should be designed to permit "live" infrared inspection.

electrical thermal infrared scanning panels
Thermal infrared scan reveals defective MCB

How does Infrared Thermal Scanning Work?

Every object has a normal operating temperature and emits electromagnetic radiation including waves in the infrared spectrum. In electrical installations, cables, circuits and switchgear having a fault or defect creates local heating or hot spot, having a higher temperature than normal.

However, humans cant easily sense heat and temperature unless we touch the object, and touching live cables is not an option! And our sensitivity to detect temperature is limited too.

While the electrical circuit is live, at a safe distance, and without any contact, our thermal infrared camera scans the actual temperature of the cables, connections, switches and switchgear in the field of view, providing an instant colour temperature map, so hot spots can be identifed without shutting down the plant.

electrical thermal infrared scan
Thermal infrared scan reveals defective electrical switch

Kelcroft's infrared camera identifies any areas where corrosion, mechanical damage, or loose connections cause localised heating.

It's fast, faster than the traditional method, first the electrical supply isisolated, then individually checking and tightening every connection by hand, for bolted busduct and bus bars checking the tightness needs a torque wrench.
Even a small electrical panel or motor control centre can take an hour to check by hand, and during the that inspection time the plant needs to be isolated switched off.

Kelcroft's thermal infrared imaging is fast, accurate to 0.01 degC, its the best non-destructive test (NDT) method pin points problems during the testing and commissioning inspection.

thermal infrared scan electrical busduct checking
Thermal infrared scan reveals loose electrical cable

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning is the process to ensure the products perform as intended, and thermal infrared scanning of control panels, under live conditions, is an important point in the delivery of the engineering systems.

John Herbert

It's line of sight test, therefore any obstacles prevent inspection, therefore all control panels, motor control centre, chiller panels, etc. should be designed for safety and permit access for thermal infrared scanning of the key components in the panel.

During the thermal infrared scan digital images of any defect can be captured and shared providing detailed record of the Testing and commissioning inspection, providing real assurance for the building owner.

For more information, call us to order your rapid thermal infrared panel inspection today!

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date: 17-10-21
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