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Infrared Imaging

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How Infrared Works

All objects and surfaces emit infrared radiation based on surface temperature, humans cannot see or detect infrared radiation, our infrared camera converts infrared world into an false colour image where the colour represents the objects temperature.

infrared image

This technology means we can now understand the actual temperature of an object or surface, safely, without physical contact, and compared it with other objects in the field of view.

It is fast, within a few seconds the infrared world is translated into a colour image that humnas can understand. And digital images can be analysed in more detail with appropiate software.

With accuracy upto 0.1 degC, a wide range of objects reveal their infrared secrets. The technology is suitable for a wide range of applications where temperature variations provide useful information, a change in cable temperature might indicate a cable or connection defect.

A surface that appears to us as homogeneous when viewed with infrared camaera can show never before seen detail.

Kelcroft provides infrared imaging (also known as thermography) to revealed hidden valuable information not visible to the human eye.

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date: 15-04-21
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