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Moisture and Mould Inspection Using Infrared Camera

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Tropical Hong Kong has high humidity and rainfall during the summer, and both can cause damage to the building fabric and mould.

Infrared inspection is one tool for inspecting buildings to identify moisture, damp, and mould problems in Asia, ideally it should be part of your Planned Preventative Maintenance plan.

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How does infrared work?

All objects have a surface temperature and features with a void or water for example a damp wall, will have slightly different temperature, but temperature is not visible to the naked eye, infrared camera shows us the temperature image to detect problems.

Where delamination occurs often cause by water, creates hidden void beneath the surface, that creates a slightly different temperature profile, and although invisible to us, it is revealed with our infrared camera.

infrared inspection mould hong kong

Kelcroft's infrared imaging is fast, accurate to 0.01 degC, and non-destructive test (NDT) method that pin points problems during the inspection.

Quiet and Quick

It's a line of sight test, therefore obstacles prevent the inspection.

infrared inspection mould


After the inspection, a written report is provided detailing findings and recommendations.

infrared inspection mould

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date: 17-09-21
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