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Roof Membrane Inspection and Testing Using Infrared Camera

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

After applying water proofing membrane its tested by flooding test, the roof drains are plugged, and the roof is flooded with water to prescribled depth for prescribled period of time.

After the flooding test, an infrared roof test checks the membrane has not leaked. ArchSD for example require infrared test to check the new roof membrane is intact.

It may weeks for water leaking to perculate through the concrete slab, but our infrared inspection gives the Contractor and building owner immediate confidence that the roof membrane has no leakage.

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How does infrared it work?

All objects have a temperature, for roof membrane testing in the event of water leakage the leakage area will have a slightly different temperature, but since temperature is not visible to the naked eye, the infrared camera shows the different temperatures.

Kelcroft's infrared camera can check and identify areas where water from the flooding test has penetrated under the new membrane.

Infrared scanning it is fast, accurate, non-destructive test (NDT) method that pin points water under the new roof membrane.

Click here to open image of abstract ArchSD General Building Specification infrared inspection

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