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Test and Balance with Thermal Infrared Image

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Test and Balance, also known as TAB, prepares the building and building systems for handover and operation.

It is one of the last processes on the critical path, therefore vital for the building owner because in the future the building operators will constantly refer back to the TAB records, and needs to be conducted properly.

The engineering control panels, automatic control panels, local motor control panels (LMCP), chiller control panels, boiler panels, motor control centres (MCC), and the like should all be tested and adjusted such that they are handed over in working condition, and fully load tested.

Now using the latest technology, using a portable rapid thermal infrared camera, these control panels can be inspected "live" and infrared imager can identify any hot spots (potential defects) instantly.

infrared TAB
infrared camera reveals defective MCB

Within a few seconds a colour image of the "live" circuits can be inspected, using the camera, and the slightest temperature variation is clearly visible.

infrared TAB
infrared camera reveals defective electrical switch

Infrared imaging works because for an electrical circuit any additional resistance in the circuit, for example caused by a faultly connection, generates heat (P=I2R) increasing the temperature of the cable, the termination, or the switchgear. Whilst humans cannot easily detect heat or temperature, but it is detectable, without contact and made visible with our rapid infrared camera.

infrared scan
infrared camera reveals loose electrical cable connection


The last stage of acceptance testing should be a thermal infrared scan of the panels to create a digital record image for each control panel, and any defect can be simply shared with email providing a record of the TAB inspection, so it is easy for the electrician to rectify and problems before handover.

It provides the ultimate assurance for the building owner that the control panels system were tested and inspected, under "live" load, tests not possible without infrared technology.

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date: 15-04-21
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