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Technical Engineering Assistance For Insurer, Insuarance and Loss Adjusters

by Director JOHN HERBERT

For complex engineering challenges Insurers, Insurance agents, and loss adjusters need help reporting to the interested insurers.

Kelcroft provides independant expertise for technical engineering challegnes. Loss adjusters and Insurers have commissed Kelcroft to investigate identify the causes, the effect, damage and root cause of incidents  ofr insurance clams against damaged plant and equipment in factories and buildings covered under insurance policies.

insurance loss adjuster tecchincal reports for engineeringPhoto above: Chiller CoMPRESSOR FAILURE BY JOHN HERBERT

technical engineering report for insurance claims Hong Kong, China

Our Services

In addition to post mortem engineering reports for loss adjusters, we also provide expert advice to help avoid problems, and identify the risks before disaster strikes.
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Photo above: fire door propped open with fire sand bucket BY JOHN HERBERT


Fire is a serious risk for every building, facility and factory, the smoke and water damage caused to treat the blaze can be more devastating, and impact your business operations. 

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Photo above: Penetration in STAIRCASE fire RATED WALL by

Our Engineering Expertise

Once an incident occurs, Kelcroft provides the technical engineering consultant assistance for insurers, insurance companies, and loss adjusters in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and across Asia our expertise includes:

  • buildings systems
  • chillers and other plant;
  • engineering systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • inoperable plant
  • electrical systems
  • data centres
  • water damage
  • fire damage
  • vertical transportation, lifts, etc.
  • walkways
  • pumps
  • energy  sector works;
  • construction;
  • property mnagement
  • factories and industial undertakings;

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what next? 

Call our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830 to enquire about our technical engineering assessment for insurance claims, risks, and loss adjustors.

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