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John A. Herbert

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

From United Kingdom, John A. Herbert is the principal and founding director of Kelcroft, a firm providing built environment consultancy services across Asia based in Hong Kong. He has more than three decades of E&M experience, the last twenty years working independently in Asia.

John A. Herbert
Development Sec. presents BEAM award to Mr John A. Herbert 25 September 2015

John A. Herbert
BEC Chairman Mr John Chai (LEFT) presents award to Kelcroft's John A. Herbert (RIGHT) may 2015

Educated in the United Kingdom, John is a Hong Kong permanent resident with a dedication for engineering, and problem solving. His professionalism, and thoroughness is evidenced with an unrivalled litigation free track record.

John A. Herbert

Energy Expertise

Hong Kong Energy expert John A. Herbert is Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA) License no: EA00496G, he has conducted countless energy audits over the years, in different countries, including United Kingdom, China, Macau, and Hong Kong. And he does not fear psycrometric charts or Heat pumps, its just science he says.

John A. Herbert

Building Energy Code Expert

Understanding the possible is important for code writers, John A. Herbert is Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessor (REA) License no: EA00496G with international expereince and was a member of the first Hong Kong Building Energy Code drafting commiteee, that published Hon Kong's first mandatory Building Energy Code.


A pioneer, having created innovative solutions for complex engineering projects, and helped organisations achieve their objectives without breaking the bank. He designed the first improvised Sprinkler system in Hong Kong that was then adopted by Hong Kong FSD.

Green Building Rating Tools

Having been involved with the development of BEAM for a decade, including teaching and technical roles. He chaired the committee for Water Conservation until 2017, and helped development of BEAM PLUS rating tools and for BEAM Interiors he was the steering committee chair.

Areas of specialist expertise include:

  1. Green Building
  2. BEAM Professional
  3. BEAM Professional Trainer
  4. Built Environment
  5. Energy Modelling
  6. Energy Audits
  7. Building energy efficiency
  8. Mission critical environments, data centres
  9. Legionnaires disease risk prevention
  10. Sustainable business strategy
  11. Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD)

Speaking Engagements

Mr John A. Herbert is often invited to present at international conferences, in the last year he has been invited to speak at conferences and seminars across Asia. Topics include Infrastructure project management, Sustainable building development, Legionella control, energy efficiency, low carbon production, and green building.

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Some of John's past speaking engagements include:

May 2015 - Water Efficiency - John A. Herbert was speaker and panel member at the 2015 Enviroseries conference 2015 held at JW Marriott hotel, Hong Kong on 18 May 2015.

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Jan 2012 - Preventing Legionella in Buildings seminar John was the speaker, it was attended by facilities managers from both public and private sectors, on 13 January 2012.

Nov 2011 - InnoAsia 2011 Conference John was a panel member on the Tech Forum 3: Energy Efficiency Panel "How much can be saved" held at the Hotel Icon on 16 Nov 2011 (refer photograph below).

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Oct 2011 - Eco Expo Asia 2011 - John was a speaker for the Green Building Forum conference - his topic Planning Green Building on 28 October 2011 (refer photo below)

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Dec 2009 - Inno Design Technology conference - John was speaker and expert panel member at the Energy Seminar held on 4 December 2009

July 2009 - GreenBuilding Asia 2009 conference - John A. Herbert was on the expert green building panel (www.greenbuildingasia.com).

June 2009 - Energy Services Business Forum Hong Kong - John was keynote speaker for the event held on 2 June 2009.

September 2008 - John presented at the first HAESCO event in Hong Kong. The topic of his speech was building energy efficiency.

Oct 2008 - EcoAsiaExpo 2008 - John presented at the environmental showcase in Hong Kong. The topic of his speech on the public day the topic was "Energy Efficiency As A Global Concern"

John A. Herbert

Sept 2008 - HKTDC committees - John conducted two private briefings sessions on the future of energy services

John A Herbert

June 2008 - Climate Change Conference - John A. Herbert presented sustainable development (above photograph) in Hong Kong.

April 2008 - Global Warming Seminar - John A. Herbert presented at global warming seminar in University of Hong Kong.

January 2008 - John A. Herbert was the Master of ceremony for HAESCO's Inauguration ceremony held at the Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong

June 2007 - Green Collar energy efficiency conference - John Herbert chaired and moderated the Insights from Overseas Initiatives panel held at the BEC Hong Kong

April 2007 - ICE STORAGE: Energy Savings seminar - John A. Herbert organized the event with BEC, demonstrating that shifting the air conditioning energy load to Off-peak hours reduces air conditioning operating costs.

August 2007- Managing Data Centres Conference - John was an expert panel member for this Data center conference organised by RFP.

May 2006 - Building Services Professional Energy efficiency seminar held in the Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong - John A. Herbert was the expert energy panel member.

Current Positions/Posts (updated Aug 2015):

  • Director, Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies (HAESCO)
  • Director, energyLAB limited an energy consultancy practice based in Hong Kong
  • Director, BEAM Society Limited
  • Chairman, BEAM Technical Review Panel (TRP)
  • Past chair, BEAM Water Aspects Expert Committee
  • Past chair, Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies (HAESCO)
  • Past Instructor, BEAM Assessor Training and Examination Water Aspects
  • Past Instructor, BEAM Professional Training and Examination Water Aspects
  • Past Instructor, BEAM Affiliate Training and Examination Water Aspects
  • Former Member, BEAM Technical Review Committee (TRC)
  • Member, Hong Kong BEAM Innovation and Framework committee
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Council Faculty
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Council Faculty Selection Committee
  • Member, European Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Energy and Environment Committee
  • Chair, Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum (HKSDF)
  • Chair, Smart Building Council
  • Past Chair, Hong Kong BEAM Innovation and Framework committee (2010-2012)
  • Past Chair, Hong Kong BEAM Interiors steering Committee
  • Member, Hong Kong BEAM Technical Review Panel (TRP) (2010-2012)
  • Member Hong Kong BEAM Water Aspects Committee (2010-2012)
  • Member, Hong Kong Green Building Council Founding Committee (2009)
  • Member, Advisory board China Power, Oil and Gas (CPOG) Conference (2007 and 2008) organized by Penwell Corporation
  • Member, IPPF (Independent Power Producers Forum) Advisory Council(2007)
  • Member, Judging panel for International Urban Planning and Design Competition held in November 2007

Professional Memberships

John A Herbert

  1. Member, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers www.ashrae.org
  2. Fellow, Charter Institute of Heating and Plumbing Engineers (CIPHE)
  3. Member, Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers www.hkaee.org
  4. Member, Association of Energy Engineers (USA) www.aeecenter.org
  5. Member, Hong Kong BEAM Society Limited http://www.beamsociety.org
  6. Member, South China Climate Change Network
  7. Member, GHG Network
  8. Former Member, The Uptime Institute
  9. Former Member, US Green Building Council

John A. Herbert's Blog

John A. Herbert's http://www.johnherbert.hk

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Interviews and Media

13 Feburary 2017 Hong Kong Fire Regulations, South China Morning Post Interview

26 May 2016 White reflective roof is better than a lawn, RTHK Radio 3

5 April 2016 Hong Kong RTHK Radio 3 Interview, Green Building, BEAM and Light Pollution

18 May 2015 Hong Kong RTHK Radio 3 Interview, Hong Kong's Energy Policy

4 Jan 2012 Legionella outbreak at Hong Kong Government building Tamar published by South China Morning Post on 4 January 2012

2010 - Voice of America (VOA) Green building Radio Interview broadcast 8 August 2010

2010 - Green Industry and Factories Interview (www.rightsite.com) Greening facilities China

2010 - Sustainable is a Critical Issue, Hong Kong SCMP interview published 8 March 2010

2010 - Sustainable Building Hong Kong, interview National Public Radio (NPR)

2009 - Hong Kong Restaurant Licensing 08/2009 in AMCHAM Magazine

2009 - Technical Due Diligence article published in BRITCHAM China Magazine

2009 - Green Building, published by South China Morning Post 29 May 2009

2009 - Legionella Prevention, interview published by South China Morning Post.

2008 - Renewable Energy and Biofuel Brazil, BBC Radio Interview

2008 - Energy Auditing, published by Three Degrees Magazine, USA.

2007 - Sustainable Building article, published by "In the Black" Magazine, Australia.

2006 - Green Future, green REIT article published by South China Morning Post


Learning is a life long experience, courses taught:
Energy Management System BS EN 16001 and ISO 50001
Prevention of Legionella in Buildings
BEAM Professional
BEAM Affiliate
University Guest Lecturer

Experience Record

year firm position
1999-current Kelcroft E&M Limited

Built environment consultant

Founder and CEO
1994-1999 M&E Consulting Engineers Hong Kong Founder &  Technical Director
1993-1994 R. W. Gregory (Far East)

Consulting Engineers

Senior Project Engineer
1989-1993 R. W. Gregory & Partners (UK)

Consulting Engineers

Project Engineer
1986-1989 Mid Glamorgan County Council

Land and Buildings Dept.

1985-1986 McCann & Partners

Consulting Engineers

Junior Engineer
1980-1985 McCann & Partners

Consulting Engineers

Trainee Engineer

Brief Biography

Mr John A. Herbert is an authority on sustainable energy efficiency engineering and a frequent speaker at major international conferences for green building and energy efficiency. And he is frequently quoted in regional media for his key insights on the positioning of the Asian energy sector.

He is Hong Kong REA, founder and managing director of a sustainable built environment consultancy practice called Kelcroft E&M Limited based in Hong Kong and he was one of the first BEAM Professionals accredited in Hong Kong.

He also sits on a number of industry related committees including BEAM (Hong Kong Green Building rating system) the BEAM Technical Committee, and founding member of Hong Kong Government Building Energy Efficiency Code committee (2010-2012).