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USGBC LEED Consultant

29 January 2005 | Director |  John A Herbert

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the US equivalent of the HKBEAM (Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method [香港建築環境評審法]). 

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Now known as BEAM, it is is a voluntary private sector initiative that quantifies environmental performance of both new and existing buildings.
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Successful assessments are rewarded with a BEAM certification (Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze) demonstrating to prospects that their building will have lower energy, and reduced environmental impact than standard buildings.

The primary purpose for BEAM, is the driver for healthier, high quality, more durable, efficient, environmentally sustainable building, creating a healthier living environment, whilst reducing excess, and waste, or more put simply it the driver for sustainable building.

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What is BEAM

BEAM provides an equitable framework for measuring, rewarding and recognising superior building performance.

A BEAM project will have been designed, installed and commissioned using best practice, having all aspects of energy and sustainability, and waste considered.

BEAM is undoubtedly the leading initiative to improve environmental performance of buildings in Hong Kong, with nearly sixty million square feet assessed and certified. Unlike other initiatives BEAM certification is only completed after the project is completed, to ensure the promised performance is achieved.

Prospective owners or tenants are assured that the best practice for sustainable building has been employed and achieved, adding value.

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Why chose BEAM

HKBEAM has already certified more than sixty million square feet, including residential and commercial accommodation, and exceeds every other assessment method. HKBEAM is a world leader. 

What is covered under BEAM

HKBEAM is a complete and comprehensive standard, that provides a supporting framework covering various building types, including mixed use complexes, both new and existing.

The assessment is comprehensive and wide ranging, including design, master planning, construction through to commissioning and operation. 

What are the benefits?

BEAM is no marketing trick, it is an independently assessed benchmark. For speculative commercial and residential accommodation it allows prospective tenants to compare one building with another, without marketing hype.

Certified buildings are rewarded with HKBEAM certificate, providing evidence of lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint.

Coupled with lower energy consumption certified buildings reduces ownership costs (saving you money) whilst also reducing environmental pollution.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED

What about existing buildings?

The BEAM framework can be employed to certify existing building, credits are awarded for improve performance and lowering energy consumption.

Whether a new or refurbishment project, HKBEAM strategies and framework can be employed to reduce building energy costs and improve performance.

Who is using BEAM?

Commercial, residential, institutional and government sector projects use BEAM to monitor, improve and assess the environmental performance and sustainability of buildings.

Recognizing that no single document can serve every building classification, BEAM provides the framework for assessment of every building type, including mixed use facilities. 

What is the next step?

It is vital that your BEAM consultant is appointed from day one, ensuring the entire team are briefed from commencement.

Why? there are several positive benefits for implementing BEAM methodologies from day one.

Environmental methodologies and physical improvements (to increase credits attended) implemented after the contract documents are signed will almost certainly require contract variations and that could open the door for potential dispute.

Let's take a simple example, if the BEAM metering and sub metering methodology was incorporated at the planning stage;

  • lower first cost - the extra cost for overtime claims, etc.  is averted;
  • avoids utility disconnection preventing tenant disruption;
  • documentation is an important element, early adoption avoids amendment;

Additionally, BEAM actively encourages design innovation, a far simpler process before the design is submitted for approved by government agencies. 

What about buildings at different stages?

Q. I have already started construction, can my building be certified? A. Buildings and complexes, at all stages of procurement, whether underway, nearing completion, or newly occupied can be assessed. BEAM is a framework that encourages building sustainability. However it is easier to gain certification if BEAM is the stated goal at the outset.


2008 - HKBEAM is renaned BEAM

24-05-05 Two significant milestones achieved. HKBEAM has 100 building projects (LEED the green building system in the USA only has 200 buildings) the Hong Kong Housing Authority being the 100th project. And the launch of the new HKBEAM 2005 version.

29-01-05 HKBEAM 2004 has been launched. HKBEAM is the preferred assessment method for nearly sixty million square feet of Hong Kong accommodation making it the international leader assessing more properties than any other environmental assessment method in Hong Kong.

22-06-04  HKBEAM commands second place in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Top 20 Tips for Sustainable Development!   Recognition that HK-Beam certification is important for Sustainable Development is very encouraging news.

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