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Legionella Risk Assessment

Building systems harbour a particularly dangerous, potentially fatal bacteria named Legionella Pneumophila, more commonly known as Legionella.

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Legionella is an aqueous bacteria that lives in nature and piped in to our buidlings, given the opportunity it can infest and breed the hot and cold water systems, including cooling towers, domenstic water systems, air conditioners, irrigation systems, humidifiers, and other water systems.

Given the right environmental conditions found in buildings Legionella will rapidly multiply and reach a point where it could infect you, your staff or the general public.


Legionnaires' Disease (退 伍軍人病) is a form of pneumonia that may have serious consequences for some people, especially people in the older age groups and those otherwise susceptible to disease.  The bacterium responsible for legionnaires disease was initially identified in 1977, by the CDC in Atlanta, following a large outbreak at a Bellevue Stanford hotel, Philadelphia, USA in July 1976. The disease was named from the group of people primarily affected in this outbreak. They were retired American service personnel who were attending a legion convention at the stricken hotel.  Since the first outbreak, sporadic cases and major outbreaks have been regularly reported across the globe, many of them linked to hotels, healthcare, and holiday accommodation. In Dec 2011 Hong Kong's Government HQ in Tamar was infecting the education chief Mr Michael Suen.  

Legionnaires' Disease was only made a notifiable disease in 1994.

Death occurs in about 5-15% of people who get the disease, depending on their age and individual health status. Smokers are more at risk than non-smokers. If any hospital patient contracts Legionnaires disease the mortality risk increases dramatically to 50%.

People are infected when they breathe air that contains tiny droplets of water, known as aerosol, containing the Legionella bacteria. If the bacteria is inhaled deep into the lung infection could follow. Spread from person to person has not been documented. The infectious dose is not known, although outbreaks traced back to a source many kilometres away indicate that the infectious dose maybe only be one bacteria. 

Legionella is common, found naturally in rivers, groundwater, lakes and reservoirs usually at low numbers but when the Legionella bacteria enters building water systems, that provides an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria. 

If people are exposed to a contaminated aerosol from hot and cold water systems, air conditioning cooling towers, etc. infection can result.

In Hong Kong the obvious challenges are cooling towers, water features e.g. fountains, and that in the summer the "cold" water is rarely really cold.

Legionella can't be eliminated only managed, and one lapse could infection hundreds of people inside your building, and or, the general public outside.

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