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Legionellosis, Legionnaires' Disease and Legionella

John A. Herbert
John Herbert
Legionella Risk Assessment

Buildings and their systems require regular inspection to ensure efficient and trouble free operation one risk often overlooked is the risk of hosting Legionella. Kelcroft's expertise helps building owners, conducting an audit of systems, particularly aqueous systems to ensure compliance with the latest guidance and codes of practice.

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Legionella Video

Legionella uses a particular method to infect us, and grow in a protected environment, click here to review a video to Legionella in action.

Legionella Cooling Tower Audit

Air conditioning systems increasing use cooling towers for heat rejection, Kelcroft undertakes emsd audit cooling tower systems for EMSD compliance and uncovers energy saving opportunities...... order cooling tower audit

Legionella Risk

Building owners and operators have the fiduciary responsibility to protect the general public, their staff and occupants from health hazards - commission an independent here to learn how to mitigate your risk

Legionella Background

Legionella was discovered in 1976.... click here to learn more about the background of Legionella and Legionnaires Disease

Legionella in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong Legionnaires' disease infection might be investigated by the HKSAR Government. Where unsatisfactory installations are noted system modifications, or replacement instructions will be issued.

Late compared to other countries HKSAR issued a code of practice in 2004, that was subsquently updated in 2007 and a Legionella Prevention Cooling Tower Code of practice was introduced in here to learn more about Hong Kong Cooling tower Annual Audits

legionella - legionnaires disease risk assessment and management

Legionella in Neighborhoods, Buildings, and Other Water Systems

In November 2004, Kelcroft Director Mr John Herbert created an Legionella overview of global Legionnaires disease cases, based on the range of plant, equipment, and devices implicated with Legionnaires' disease amplification and dissemination.

Here is a link to schedule created by John HerbertKelcroft in 2004 providing a documented overview from past Legionella outbreaks click here to view schedule Of Legionnaires Disease (Legionella) Disseminators (PDF format, 3 pages, November 2004)

Water is a precious resource,and contains Legionella from the natural environment at very low concentrations, however it survives municipal water treatment. Poor building systems, and maintenance provide the breeding ground for rapid multiplication.

Legionella Solutions

If nothing else history has taught us that prevention is better and cheaper than the cure.

Photograph: John Herbert Legionella Prevention Symposium Dec 2003, John Herbert in Centre
Photograph: Legionella Prevention Symposium December 2003 [John A. Herbert Centre]

You can mitigate the risk using Kelcroft's expertise, we prepare a comprehensive Legionella Risk Management audit identifying and assessing the risk before your building or air-conditioning systems are closed down.

Legionella Audit

Without a risk assessment audit your business could crumble beneath you. Imagine a Legionella outbreak hits the headlines at your business, your customers evaporate, many will never return, it has happened before, and sadly it will happen again.

A businessman thought a decorative fountain would be a great addition for his restaurant lobby, however it was not maintained. A Legionella outbreak occurred, many of his customers fell ill. Weeks later, after the media hype subsided, his customers didn't return, the damage was already done, the business closed forever.

Water sources in old and new buildings provide the breeding ground for Legionella to thrive. Kelcroft is one of the few organizations able to provide a comprehensive and practical audit of your Cooling Tower System, combining our auditing experience with a full understanding of how Cooling Tower Systems are designed, maintained and operated....... more

Legionella On-Site Checking

To learn about kelcroft's on-site checking and cooling tower water audit service click here

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Before site work commences the design of building systems, particularly high risk systems, e.g. solar heating systems, can be checked by our experts.

Legionella Sources

Mechanical equipment and devices can diseminate Legionella, have you idendified the risk? Here is a list of devices implicated with past Legionella here

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