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Legionella Risk Assessment

John A. Herbert
John Herbert
Legionella Risk Assessment

A businessman thought a decorative fountain would be a great addition for the lobby area of his restaurant. However, maintenance was not the highest priority, it was not maintained properly.

Unfortunately, it spawned a Legionella outbreak, many of the customers fell ill. The news spread in the community and press. After investigation Legionella from the fountain was identified as source.

Weeks later, after cleaning, disinfection, the restaurant re-opened, but the damage was done, the customers didn't return, the business closed.

legionella risk assessment

Legionella Risk Assessor

Kelcroft's Legionella risk assessment is methodical engineering risk assessment for your building, campus, or entire site.

It includes a review of facility design, operation, maintenance and any treatment programmes, to help facilities owners minimise the risk of problems related to water-borne legionella pathogen, and assess compliance with applicable local and international guidelines, and regulations.

legionella risk assessment

History has taught us that Prevention is better, and cheaper than cure.

After a Legionella outbreak it is too late, the damage is done, and like so many others firms, it is unlikely that your business will recover.

There are some problems that history does not forget, and causing a Legionella outbreak is one of those issues.

Photograph: John Herbert Legionella Prevention Symposium Dec 2003, John Herbert in Centre
centre: John Herbert attending Legionella Conference Hong Kong

Kelcroft provides Legionella risk assessment audit without an audit how to establish the risk?


Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert is recognised Legionella expert, he has studied Legionella in buildings for more than a decade, his credentials include:

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