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Legionella Audit

John A. Herbert
John Herbert
Legionella Risk Assessemnt Legionnaires Disease Expert

Cooling tower systems under the Water cooled Air conditioning System programme shall be independently audited its required by the Hong Kong Code of Practice.

If regulations are not sufficient, just consider the business risk perspective The evidence is clear. many businesses cease trading after a Legionnaires' Disease (退伍軍人病) outbreak.

Two examples:
1. A factory cooling tower caused an Legionnaires' Disease (退伍軍人病) outbreak, in the adjacent area members of the general public fell ill. Fatalities occurred. Later the recriminations, and legal action followed, within a month the factory was permanently closed.

2. A decorative water feature in a restaurant caused more than twenty people became ill. The news of the outbreak spread across the globe. After the media hype, it re-opened, but the customers never returned, the business closed due to Legionella outbreak.

Prevention is better than the cure

Kelcroft's Approach for Legionella Auditing

To avoid the trauma of a Legionella outbreak the primary tool in our arsenal in the fight against Legionella is regular monitoring, and auditing.

An annual audit is a legal requirement, for Hong Kong Cooling towers, failure to do so may result in suspension of the licence and cooling tower water supply.

An audit is a methodical and systematic assessment of your systems in your building creating a risk model, and if deficiencies are identified providing recommendations for the necessary remedial works. An audit comprises three parts:

  • Data Collection
  • Fieldwork
  • Report
  • Data Collection

    Review the documentation including drawings, schematics and logbook records provided, Read the last auditors report.


    A site visit is mandatory for cooling towers to assess the physical condition of the plant in operation. Check the cooling towers, water treatment, and the condenser water system to ensure they are operating as intended.
    In other countries a paper audit is deemed sufficient.


    The final stage, the written report with a summary of the findings and any recommendations to mitigate the risk.
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    About the Author

    Mr John A. Herbert is Managing Director at Kelcroft E&M Limited, he is an internationally recognized Legionella specialist. He has advised clients and audited risk on three continents. He can be reached at telephone number is +(852) 2335 9830

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