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Legionnaires' Disease

Risk Management

Buildings, and their systems require regular inspection to ensure efficient and trouble free operation. Kelcroft's expertise helps building owners, conducting audits of systems, particularly aqueous systems to ensure compliance with the latest guidance and codes of practice.


Building owners and operators have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the general public, their staff and occupants from health hazards.

legionella - legionnaires disease risk assessment and management

However, there are numerous devices including HVAC plant and equipment that have been directly associated with Legionella outbreaks. Here is our sample list Kelcroft's schedule Of Legionnaires Disease (Legionella) Disseminators (PDF format, 3 pages, November 2004)

Legionella Solutions

History has taught us that Prevention is better, and cheaper than cure.

Photograph: Legionella Prevention Symposium Dec 2003, John Herbert in Centre
Photograph: Legionella Prevention Symposium December 2003 [Centre - John Herbert ]

You can mitigate this risk using Kelcroft's expertise, we prepare a comprehensive Legionella Risk Management audit identifying and assessing the risk before your building, business or air-conditioning systems are closed down, and revenues lost.

What next?

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