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Legionella Risk Assessment

John Herbert | DIRECTOR

A businessman thought a decorative fountain would be a great for the lobby area of his restaurant. However maintenance was not a high priority, so it was not maintained properly

Unfortunately, it spawned an Legionella outbreak, many of the customers fell ill. The news of the family owned restaurants troubles spread in the community and press. After investigation Legionella, from the fountain, was later identified as the causative agent.

Weeks later, after cleaning, and all the media hype had subsided the restaurant tried to re-open, but the customers didn't return, the damage was already done, the business closed.

This is just one of many Legionella horror stories - Don't let Legionella close business.

legionella - legionnaires disease risk assessment and management

Legionella Risk Assessment

Kelcroft's Legionella Risk Assessment is a methodical engineering review and assessment of the systems in your building, campus, hotel or factory to identify any Legionella infection risk. 

A Kelcroft assessment includes a review of facility design, operation, maintenance and any treatment programmes to help facilities owners minimise the risk of problems related to Legionella a potentially fatal waterborne pathogen, and insure compliance with applicable local and international guidelines, and regulations.

Building owners and operators have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the general public, their staff and occupants from health hazards. Employers also have duties, under the relevant labour ordinance, to provide a healthy and safe working environment for staff.

Whilst a risk assessment is not a guarantee a Kelcroft Legionella risk assessment is the first step to understand and start to manage the risk of Legionellosis and Legionnaires’ disease infection in your workplace or facility. 

legionella - legionnaires disease risk assessment and management

Hong Kong Tamar Building

2011 - Legionella has been discovered in the HKSAR flagship government headquarters. Micheal Suen education chief was diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease in December 2011, yet the building remains open.

The SCMP (unlinkable) reported on 3rd January 2012 that Legionella has now been uncovered in areas beyond their predicted 11th floor - 15th floor area on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the building.


History has taught us that Prevention is better, and cheaper than cure.

Photograph: John Herbert Legionella Prevention Symposium Dec 2003, John Herbert in CentreLegionella Conference (centre: John Herbert)

Without a Kelcroft Legionella audit your business could crumble beneath you.  As the news hits the headlines your customers evaporate, many will never return, it has happened before and it will happen again. Conducting a regular audit demonstrates a commitment, that could also help mitigate subsequent prosecution.

Our director John A. Herbert is a recognized Legionella expert his experience can help you avoid the past mistakes and ensure your business thrives.

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