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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

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Buildings are voracious energy users,  in Hong Kong one third of the total electricity generated in the year 2000 was expended just to power air-conditioning systems.

Properly designed LEB (Low Energy Buildings) sometimes called "green buildings" have minimal energy usage, systems operate more efficiently, and of course saving money.

A common barrier for LEB's is the perception that the construction cost will be significantly higher, yet studies show that green buildings cost no more than traditional building methodologies. So how can this be the case, when everyone knows green buildings cost more.

Kelcroft creates low energy building solutions for your business

A closer examination of the design process reveals clues why green building can be competitive.

Kelcroft's IED strategies create innovative cost efficient  low energy buildings that having lower first cost (capex) and importantly lowest operating expense (opex).

green REIT

It is a question of focus, the traditional driver is cost, and that is usually communicated as the effective prime mover for a construction project. However if the primary focus is driven by the requirement to design better, cost effective solutions are developed.

Making a difference

Kelcroft excels providing comprehensive holistic design approach, reducing both first cost and your on-going expenses, ensuring that energy efficiencies and conservation strategies are 'designed in', not an afterthought.

Whether designing for HKBEAM standards, LEED, OTTV, or energy efficiency Kelcroft's strategies ensure that operating costs are minimised.


Compare the engineering data, below is a link to comparison calculation. The Kelcroft design completely surpasses the conventional cooing tower design, saving your significant opex and capex. This example demonstrates the Kelcroft principal for a 1000 ton heat rejection.

Kelcroft's innovative design strategies lowers your annual operating cost by 43%, saving HK$248,000 per annum.

Capital expenditure (CAPEX) is lower too, it is revealed that CAPex is 31% lower, saving approx. HK$469,00 first cost.

And the life time energy cost is 41% lower, saving more than HK$ 5,000,000 over the economic life.

Note: access to this file requires a password, the password is Kelcroft.

Click here to learn how low energy building saves energy - calculation summary page (29KB 1 page PDF format)

Kelcroft's unique low energy building solutions lower both opex and capex

Creating Green value

Green value is a difficult to determine, energy savings can be calculated, and a dollar value assigned, but how do you assess the value of green building? There is an increasing demand, judging by the specification of multinational corporations, there is added value.

In the future, we will be able to compare values between a vanilla REIT, and a green REIT, which do you think will perform better, and offer the largest return over the medium - long term? On balance the green REIT will use less energy, create less waste and will on the balance of probabilities offer a better return.

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