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Water Management Plan Hong Kong

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A water management plan (WMP) is a policy and management document describing the operation and manage the fresh water installation in your building.

Water Management Plan Consultant Hong Kong
Colour indicates poor quality of tap water

The Water Management Plan should be customised for your building, it should assign the roles and responsibities for personnel, and detail routine inspection, water sampling, tank cleaning, maintenance frequencies, response to defects, and list remedial work, if any, for entire the water system under the control of the building owner.

Consultant finds water quality problems
Kelcroft site checking reveals water quality issues

Under the control of the building owner (or management company) is a key point, the water meter may be located near the consumer, in Hong Kong the Water Supplies Department responsibility stops at the lot boundary, therefore all the piping tanks, etc. from the lot boundary to the taps are under the building owners responisbility.

Water Management Plan Consultant Hong Kong

WMP Process

The procurdure to create a Water Management Plan (WMP) for an existing building would reference acknowledged standards where possible, and include:

  1. Document Review
  2. Site Review
  3. Bespoke WMP

The water management plan (WMP) content should cover the basics, frequency of inspection, water sampling, reporting, record keeping, and the like, plus an aduit proceedure for the periodically reviewing the WMP itself.

John Herbert, past chairman of the Hong Kong BEAM Water Use panel, has thirty years experience designing and auditing buildings crafts water management plans for building owners.

The best time to prepare a plan is before a crisis, once you have a plan in place, you may be on leave or out of town on business, but you have piece of mind that your know your staff have a plan to follow.

For a quote to prepare your bespoke Water Managememt Plan call us today!

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